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October 07, 2005



So, we are not to take into account foreign laws... except that of the Israelites. Maybe the fix to our problem is to establish a small country whose sole doctrine is based on the 10 commandments. Then we in the US will not be permitted by the right, to consider those commandments when making any decisions. It would also seem strange to hang another country's law on the walls of our courthouses...

What say you?



It seems to me that to fight terrorism effectively. We need to rethink our strategy. The way I understand it, the terrorist has a network of cells and training camp intersperse throughout many countries. They appear to be capable of arranging these terrorist attacks in any country by communicating with these cells and training camps. They are extremely active in Iraq because President Brush opened the door to them by starting the Iraqi war.

So, my idea would be cut off the supply by destroying their training camps throughout the world. To do this we must organize and convince a network of countries to work together as one unit to succeed in wining the war on terrorism. Pride cometh before a fall. I think all participating countries if possible should work together to seek and find the terrorist training camps and destroy them. As a result, this should cut off the human supply to the battle field which could be a terrorist attack in any country at any given time. In time this should prevent a large number of American troops, our Allied troops, Iraqi troops, and innocent people from being murdered. This also should act as a deterrent for terrorist to join these training camp because they will soon get the message that they will probably be unsuccessful in completing their sick mission.

That will be a very tough job to accomplish because President Brush has escalated the division of congress, the division of our country, and we lost respect and co-operation of many other countries. In addition, on 10/06/05 the far right republicans succeeded in passing the Energy bill by holding a five minute vote open for 45 minutes and twisting the arms of several moderate Republicans to change their votes. My question is what tactics did they use to change several moderate republicans’ votes? They should have the free will to vote any way they like. This is a democracy, those kinds of tactics should be against the law and should not be permitted.

Yes we do need a strong and decisive President. But we also need a wise President, one that truly loves our country. He’s not ignorant, He certainly knows that his defense policies and his economical policies are failing. In fact, they are destroying our country. The wise thing for him to do is to seek counsel, admit that he has made serious errors, and correct his course before it’s to late. The American People will understand the truth but they will not put up with these lies much longer. Otherwise he should resign, or the Democrats should immediately start impeachment proceedings.


BTW: did you see this - this is pretty great news...
Fox’s Juan Williams gets award


Fla. Fires Force 1,000 to Evacuate Homes

this is so sad - the sunshine state has had a tough year


check this out - pretty crazy

Supreme Court Rules Police Don't Need Warrants in Emergencies



Pentagon: Iraq Insurgency Strong Into 2007

horace grelo

we may have to go back

Islamic Militia Claims Control of Somali Capital


what is up with this

Insurgents' Web Posting: Zarqawi's Death Was Stroke of Luck


not normnal...

Body of Missing Maryland Publishing Mogul Philip Merrill Found


ah well

Flag Desecration Amendment Fails in Senate by One Vote


Enron Founder Ken Lay Dies of Heart Attack

who knows if this is true...


Discussions Over U.N. Resolution on N. Korea to Continue

what is going to be the result hopefully at the end...good

Discussions Over U.N. Resolution on N. Korea to Continue



World Leaders Consider International Peacekeepers to Address Mideast Violence

lanier gregson

Lebanon's Parliament Speaker Rejects Rice Proposal

i am not sure about this

lanier gregson

Fidel Castro Says Health Stable in Statement Read on State Television

Boy oh boy....


I think he may win

Poll: Sen. Lieberman Cutting Into Challenger Lamont's Lead in Democratic Primary


Cuban State Television Airs Video of Castro

how bout this


Virginia Cops Say Escaped Inmate Is in Custody

oh boy - oh boy


I thibk this is pretty risky

Nearly 50 Killed in Iraq Violence


Bush Reveals Secret War on Terror, Movement of Suspects



I cannot quite believe this

America Marks 5-Year Anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, Attacks


this ....

Bush to Hold Meetings in New York Ahead of United Nations General Assembly Speech

this ----


tell me aboutb this

Former President Bill Clinton Defends Handling of Usama bin Laden in Combative FNC Interview


what is this all about

Coroner: Amish Schoolhouse Shooting Scene Was 'Horrible'


I do not really understand all this

Student Fires Gun in Missouri Middle School, No Injuries Reported

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