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October 13, 2005



The thing i am wondering about is, how many United Statians give a shit either way who Bush appoints to the court or why. It seems that most of the people I talk with on a daily basis have little interest and even less of a clue what is going on. It is as if the corporate media have successfully discouraged the majority from participating and now from even caring about who represents our republic.

So if busche crime co. wants to shred the constitution, abolish habeus corpus and appoint religious fanatics to the court, what consequences are there? Yes politically they are digging a hole, and legally they are digging a hole, but the true test is if there are any consequences they must endure for what they are doing. So far I see that nothing gets in the way of the plan. Even illegal wars and mismanaged environmental catastrophes seem to roll off their backs like floodwater.

I give Miers 50/50 odds of being confirmed to the court.


As someone on FauxNews noted Bushco seems to be trying to bait the Dems and the Left into a vicious attack on Miers with this kind of talk to rally the Republican base.


Well, it seems the Dems aren't rising to the bait then, and why should they? We've got more than enough of a case to vote against her based simply on cronyism. Makes me wonder if that talking head actually believes that Democrats are nothing but a bunch of god-hating liberals.


And today, DeLay started to whine about a judge that gave money to MoveOn.org.

It's not that they hate activist judges in the GOP.

They just only want a particular RIGHT WING NUT JOB variety!


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