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September 06, 2005



I believe the Repukes nominated Bush père there in either 1988 or 1992.

But what I'd like to see is the Democratic National Convention in New Orleans in 2008--even if they have to build a facility to hold it in because the city is still under (re)construction.


The citizens of New Orleans least able to help them selves were the people ignored by the mayor. Before the storm the mayor had over 48 hours to evacuate the 25,000 people unable to move themselves. He asked for evacuation knowing full well that people in wheel chairs, crippled, feeble, very old and mentally unstable would not be able to leave. He left the busses parked and let them be flooded rather than use them to move the people. The mayor and all city officials knew that the stadium, the convention center would be used for safe haven yet there was no water, no food, no leadership direction propositioned at these locations. What local officials failed to PREPOSITION in New Orleans and in all the other locations along the gulf is a " List of Shame" for all of those officials who are put in place, thru election, to represent the "interests” of the people. These elected officials in the public trust may have criminally abdicated their responsibilities weeks, months, and years before this hurricane.


Michael, Heather, I am pleased that the reich is posting to your site. It means they are really afraid of you. You are making a difference.

The right-wing talking points have found their wayto your site. Time to blame the democrats!

First of all, Mr. Pompous Ass Jr, please recll that FEMA deliberately cut the emergency communications lines in New Orleans.

Second, recall that Wal Mart showed up with trucks full of water, and FEMA turned them away.

Third, recall that FEMA also turned away trucks full of diesel fuel.

In Florida, FEMA had relief checks printed and signed the
DAY AFTER the hurricane hit. That was one year ago. Oh by the way they also had tarps, MRE's, emergency shelters etc. all in place before the storm hit.

It is clear that when the president's brother asks for aid for his white senior citizens, it comes. When a democrat asks for help with poor blacks, the request for aid is ignored. This is just plain evil. Republicans not only want to deprive poor blacks of the right to vote, they also want to deprive poor blacks of the right to life. By posting here you have revealed your loyalties. You are on the side of genocide.

Why are you in league with the devil, Mr. Pompous Ass Jr? Since you are in favor of fascism, I presume you are a Republican who watches Fox News and listens to Sean Hannity.

Do you ever get tired of blaming Democrats for all the failings of your commander-in-theif, or can you spout lies endlessly? How much are you getting paid for your services?

If you are going to sell your soul to the devil, you should at least make sure the price is worth it. Did you get a billion out of the deal? If not, you are a fool.

Yeah, I thought so, you goddamned fool.

Jim Heim

They'd get a safer and friendlier reception in Fallujah.


They pulled that crap with New Your City in '04. I honestly hope they do hold it in N.O. because the vast majority of the U.S. will have regretted reelecting the crooks in '04 and will be there en masse making them sorry they even thought about it (using N.O.) in the first place. I wish they would hold it in the Cayman Islands, where most of their wealth is...

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