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September 12, 2005


the exile

Cronyism is indeed the magic key that links FEMA incompetence to everything else Bush has done in office. It may be the winner issue for 06. But it's not just cronyism; it's POLITICAL cronyism that puts the PARTY above the nation and party spin above the truth. Why was Clinton's FEMA destroyed? Because Bush deliberately turned it into a massive slush fund to buy votes in Florida. And Brownie was actually pretty damn good at that part of the job. So this is the TV spot: GWB has made America unsafe because he has put LYING REPUBLICAN PARTY HACKS into positions that need honest and competent professionals. In a dangerous world, do we want a President who will protect all Americans, or a man who only cares about winning elections, no matter what it takes? Putting it this way links all the memes into one: the lying, the incompetence, and the partisan assalt on our basic democratic values and institutions.

Anjelica Kieltyka

I am sorry, but "Cronyism" is NOT the magic key that links FEMA incompetence to everything else Bush has done in office.

"Cronyism" is what they want you to think is the reason for the disasterous "emergency" (sic) response of FEMA and Homeland Security.

Bush and his "Noble Liars" almost proved Lincoln wrong : "You CAN fool all of the people - ALL OF THE TIME ..."

I will give you the magic key to "one of the worst abandonments of Americans on American soil ever in U.S. history" and "bureaucratic murder" - both quotes of New Orleans Parish Pres. Aaron Broussard on the Sept. 4th Meet The Press broadcast .... (a historic broadcast that will join the anguished reporting of the "Hindenburg Disaster" on the eve of Nazi fascism) - Here is Mr. Broussard - a voice crying out in the "Wilderness" of his swamped New Orleans .... from within his own "bewilderment" and bereavement ... cutting thru the "spin-doctoring" and bureaucratic "BS" of Bush's "cronies" - Chertoff, Mike Brown of FEMA .... cutting right to the heart of the matter : "We have been abandoned by our own country ..."

May I continue "cutting thru the bullshit" :

The key to how and why the "Bush cronies" screwed up so magnificiently is because it was a "planned screw up" from the get - go and Mike Brown was being groomed to be the "Fall Guy" ..... planned to take the rap from the very point in time he was appointed ..... The screw up was not only inevitable .... it was INTENTIONAL !

FEMA was pre-packaged, pre-programmed, pre-determined to FALL APART - (just add water and stir with Hurricane force - a level 3 or 4 will do)....

But the driving force of the wind and the waves was NOT what was driving the Bush National Security - Homeland Security policy and FEMA agenda.

What was driving the policy was Institutionalized RACISM, SOCIAL DARWINISM - "Survival of the Fittest with ELIMINATION of the weakest, sickest, most considered degenerate - in a word :EUGENICS

Here is why :

Here are the keywords :

These are the key hidden elements of the evolving Bush ideology and agenda - the "evolutionary" motivating factors driving the "evolution of devolution of the federal government"

- the institutionalized prejudice ..... racism .... eugenics ...... and VIOLENCE

- the hidden subtext and reason for the dangerous commitment of the present government to its policy of "Social Darwinism" directed toward its "less then perfect" minority public citizens ....

all made disturbingly evident NOW .... social darwinism and "administative fascism" directed toward the poor Black Community of New Orleans.

What we have here is the "Great Disruption", "End of History" and the "New World Order" ideology of Francis Fukuyama merging with the genetic/eugenic Devolutionary ideology of other "evolutionary psychologists" and the racist "research" of Charles Murray and his Bell Curve - "proving" black genetic inferiority and degeneracy.
The Bush/Fukuyama agenda and "Ship of State - Ship of Fools" had collided with the research of global warming - sudden climate change - EEI : Extreme Event Index and E.L.E. - Extinction Level Event ..... and the poor blacks of New Orleans were deliberately left to fend for themselves just as the misfortunate and "degenerate" misfits of Eastern European heritage in steerage on the Titanic (also as full of hubris and as "unsinkable" as the Bush/Fukuyama ship of state ..... trying to steer their ship (and the public knowledge) from the huge icebergs and sea-level rise of the impact of sudden climate change - year 2050.....

Dealing with global warming with social darwinism/fascism/racism/eugenics IS the hidden agenda behind the "bureaucratic murder" of the poor people of New Orleans - the MAN-MADE DISASTER following and preceding the hurricane disaster.

This is the same Institutionalized Racism "marking" the Black people of New Orleans as Will Haygood had pointed out in his Washington Post article ...... It is the hidden racist agenda of the Bush Administration ..... hidden behind the DELIBERATE bureaucratic failure of FEMA and HOMELAND SECURITY . It was no accident .... It was deliberate criminal negligence.

In the Katrina Disaster ..... NOT the storm .... but the "PRE-PLAN" for the storm .... we are seeing public policy guided by racism and bigotry at the cost of lives considered NOT WORTH SAVING .... expendable ..... disposable.

Here is part of an e-mail I sent Senator Obama and Congressman Jesse Jackson of Illinois, Tim Russert of Meet the Press, former Mayor of New Orleans - Marc Morial and a number of environmental scientists including Prof. Joan Roughgarden - ironically whose research not only included warning of E.L.E. endangering biodiversity ..... "google" : [Roughgarden, Buckley, global warming, extinction]:

Prof. Joan Roughgarden is a transexual women like myself - endangered and targeted for elimination/extinction by Prof. Bailey and his strange bedfellowship with Bush's ship of state and Fukuyama's ideological devolutionary cohorts of the Human Biodiversity Institute Think Tank : Here is the URL for these Academic Genetic and Eugenic Race Scientists ..... including Francis Fukuyama :

(also see my previous post on your web-site : Liberals and Science : http://hereswhatsleft.typepad.com/home/2005/07/liberals_and_sc.html

Here is my forwarded e-mail to Meet The Press and Washington Post ....

KATRINA : Global Warming + E.L.E. = Key to Bureaucratic Murder
To Tim Russert, Meet The Press – [email protected] ,
Will Haygood, Washington Post - [email protected]
From : Anjelica Kieltyka – [email protected]

ATTENTION - NBC - Meet The Press & Washington Post

Dear Tim Russert and Will Haygood,

I am sending you a "Daisy Chain" e-mail that I had sent Mayor Morial and Senator Landrieu ..... (also sent to) - Global Climate Researcher Mark Schleifstein - The Times-Picayune writer you cited in response to Mr. Chertoff's incredulous denials of NEGLIGENCE - before - during ..... and after the Katrina Disaster occurred.
Mr. Chertoff, on behalf of FEMA, Homeland Security and the Bush Administration .... responded with the usual denials, lies, "spin-doctoring" and image management we have learned to accept (???) from this administration and its public policy apologists.

This was more than the "SHAME OF A NATION" .....

This was CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE - The result of Institutionalized Racism and Bigotry ...

The pretext .... subtext .... and hidden agenda of this "PLANNED-FOR" disaster was : The poor people of New Orleans were expendable : NOT WORTH SAVING.

The poor people of the New Orleans parishes were PERISHABLE .... DISPOSABLE ..... DISPENSIBLE.

They were written off as so much "acceptable loss" in the face of their greater hidden fear and agenda : Social Darwinism : "Survival of the Fittest" as the overiding National "Security" Plan to deal with Global Warming and E.L.E. - Extinction Level Event.
It was simply a cost/benefit economic analysis .... But using "EVOLUTIONARY ECONOMICS" and "EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY" and "SOCIAL DARWINISM/BEHAVIORISM" as their template.

I cannot convey to you just by e-mail the evidence to back up my allegations - I am not a professional investigator nor an academic ..... just a witness to history and victim of deception, denial and NOBLE LIES.

I can help you expose the truth behind this PREDICTABLE and "Planned For" man-made disaster that followed the natural disaster of Katrina.
Anjelica Kieltyka

P.S. Here is an except from Mark Shleifstein's interview with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now : http://www.democracynow.org/print.pl?sid=04/09/16/147234

(PLEASE NOTE - This was last year and they were talking about Hurricane IVAN) :

" ... Hours before Ivan came ashore, its outer edges spawned tornadoes blamed for the deaths of two people in Panama City Beach, Florida.
But it is New Orleans - the largest US city below sea level - that is particularly vulnerable to flooding. The city's emergency manager yesterday warned that as many as 50,000 people could drown if New Orleans was hit by a strong Category 4 storm. The city has 10,000 body bags on hand in case of a catastrophe.
While many New Orleans residents took city officials' advice and left town, a large group of people, mostly concentrated in poorer neighborhoods didn't have a choice but to stay and hope for the best. With no public transportation or evacuation plan, up to 100,000 people were left stranded in the city.
David Helvarg, President of the Blue Frontier Campaign and author of the books The War Against the Greens and Blue Frontier: Saving Americas Living Seas. He is also a contributor to Feeling the Heat - Reports from the Frontlines of Climate Change.
Mark Schleifstein, Pulitzer prize-winning environmental reporter for the New Orleans Times Picayune. He joins us on the phone from his office in New Orleans where he spent the night ..."

MARK SCHLEIFSTEIN: "... there's going to be some minor damage in the city itself, and maybe some more extensive damage south of us along the Louisiana coastline on the east side of the Mississippi river, but for us, we -- you know this was not the big one. So to speak. It did what hurricane George did in 1998, and at the last minute, it moved to the east enough to spare us from catastrophic storm surge”.

JUAN GONZALEZ: “Yeah. Mark, your newspaper had a story yesterday about the advice of officials to many residents in New Orleans to move out of the storm's path, but yet there was the problem of up to 100,000 poor New Orleans who could not – New Orleans residents who could not evacuate because they didn't own cars. Could you talk about that story and what happened?”
MARK SCHLEIFSTEIN: “Sure. Fortunately, like I said, things weren't horrendous. That became a semi-non-problem this time. But it's the elephant in the room in Louisiana. What is going to happen when the worst case scenario hits, and there are all of these people who cannot get out? There are -- there's talk about some grand plan for moving people to some sort of structure that was -- that would provide them with at least a refuge. The mayor of New Orleans yesterday opened up the super dome to act as that refuge, and fortunately, a few people took advantage of it. I think there were 1,200 people who did. In the two-hour period that they were allowed to make that decision, get to a staging area, and be bussed to the superdome and allowed in. When there really is a serious one, I think you'll see a rush of buses to get people to a variety of different structures with the explanation that this is a refuge, not a shelter, and there is nothing there for you. You ! have to bring everything yourself. And it is going to be a disaster. Engineers have gone through the city, building engineers, civil engineers have done a survey of the city and basically found that there are no public buildings with enough areas that would survive a catastrophic storm to actually act as refuges even in the city. There's no effort yet to require new public buildings to withstand catastrophic hurricane winds”.

AMY GOODMAN: “Mark, very quickly, we were just commenting at the top of this segment that there's a tremendous amount of coverage obviously on these monster hurricanes, but we rather hear the words "global warming" in all of the weather coverage. Actually, the British Prime Minister Tony Blair yesterday said urgent action is needed to combat the world's greatest environmental challenge, but in this country, it's almost a concept, people don't know about it if they just get their information from the media ...
... As an environmental reporter, do you deal with this, at the Times Picayune?”

MARK SCHLEIFSTEIN: “... I know that in my newspaper, we have quite a few stories that deal with global warming -- global climate change, some of which are directly aimed at the concern here in Louisiana. We have serious concerns about changes in our climate causing significant changes in the way we live. There's significant concerns about increased vectors being created by warmer and wetter weather here, and you know, everything from return of malaria and yellow fever to newer diseases that may be popping in to the community, and of course, there are -- our biggest problem here in Louisiana is sea level rise. You know, I -- sadly, the joke here is that we don't have to wait for the additional sea level rise from climate change to cause problems for us. Our coastline is already in drastic danger. We are losing communities to sea level rise today. Not in 25 years or 50 years or 100 years. It's happening now.”

Dear Tim Russert and Will Haygood ..... Here are the e-mails I sent Mark .... but more importantly - to Mayor Morial and Senator Landrieu

ATTENTION - Mark Schleifstein, New Orleans Times-Picayune :

Dear Mark,
You, of all people, may truly understand the importance of the e-mail I sent former Mayor of New Orleans- Marc Morial.

BTW - I had found your interview with Amy Goodman that warned about such a catastophe as Katrina ...... as one of the results of global warming.

Ironically, I had just sent an e-mail to Amy Goodman in relation to our being on GENDERTALK - I was talking about my "whistle-blowing" concerning the Bailey Controversy ..... At a time when I had no idea its relationship to global warming.

Click here: GenderTalk #456, April 12, 2004 - http://www.gendertalk.com/real/450/gt456.shtml

Amy Goodman, award-winning journalist and host of "Democracy Now!", on violence, money, oil, politics and the media
Anjelica Kieltyka, a transwomen who befriended J. Michael Bailey, on this man and his methods, and some of the forces that brought his voice to national prominence.
If at all possible - could you e-mail me at [email protected] - if you can ..... then I can most effectively guide you to the important evidence and links between global warming ..... Institutionalized Racism ..... and eugenics/social Darwinism being played out ..... using this natural disaster - exploiting Katrina - as a sinister opportunity for the Bush administration to commit MURDER BY BUREAUCRACY
I am most serious .....

Anjelica Kieltyka

Forwarded Message:
Katrina Disaster : Racism/Eugenics - The Reason Why Americans were Abandoned
To Mayor Marc Morial – [email protected]

Dear Mayor Morial,

I saw the Sept. 4th Meet The Press program in which you, Mayor Morial, contributed significantly and was profoundly moved by everyone and everything that was said .... and (for the most part) what was not said and/or denied by Mr. Chertoff.

I was especially moved by the testimony of Parish President Aaron Boussard - a voice crying out in the Wilderness (and from within his own "bewilderment" and bereavement) ..... cutting thru the "spin-doctoring" and bureaucratic "BS" of Chertoff, Mike Brown of FEMA and the Bush Administration.

Mr. Aaron Broussard cut right to the heart of the matter when he said :

"We have been abandoned by our own country ...
... the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina will go down as one of the worst abandonments of Americans on American soil ever in U.S. history."

Mayor Morial ..... I want to talk to you about abandonment of vulnerable and marginalized individuals .... more importantly - ABANDONMENT and systematic ELIMINATION - of marginalized ethnic, racial and sexual minorities.

(My own experience of this and my whistle-blowing on genetic/eugenic research on homosexuals and transexual women - like myself - pales in comparison to what is happening and being ALLOWED TO HAPPEN - down in New Orleans.)

(more info on me at the end of this e-mail)

Mayor Morial - I want to talk to you about "administrative fascism" - political activist Lyndon LaRouche most accurate description of the Bush administration and agenda.

I call it genocide by bureaucratic-authoritarian default.

They - the Bush Administration and the Bureaucrates - have deliberately - with malice beforethought - preyed on and marginalized - as targets of their Culture War - the GLBT community (Gays, Lesbians, Bi and Transexuals) - they're trying to wash us away - "eliminate" us.

I may be crazy .... but I have seen the evidence and have myself been a victim of their genetic and eugenic "research" - their institutionalized bigotry, homophobia and racism .....

I have seen their plans for genocide - ELIMINATION of people considered degenerate ..... displaceable ..... dispensible ..... disposible.

EXTINCTION - by the hand of God ..... Nature .... or Extinction "nurtured" by the Bush administration and its NeoCON artists and Noble Liars .... especially their ideologue - Francis Fukuyama ...... is at the very core of corruption and collusion of government, science, truth and ethics .

At the very "Heart of the Matter" is :


(It was brought up on your MEET THE PRESS program - during your panel discussion .... but NOT the part about global warming leading to EXTINCTION of SPECIES ..... only the inevitable rise in sea-level : COAST 2050)

E.L.E. - Extinction Level Event : This is the very reason for their experiments on uninformed minority individuals and social/ethnic/racial minorities.

(There is much more evidence relating to this as the core reason why Bureaucratic mismanagement and poor planning ..... WAS IN FACT THE PLAN ..... The Bush Plan & Agenda for Homeland/Fatherland ...... Deutschland?

You and I and the poor people of New Orleans were the subjects of an obscene social experiment - Social Darwinism and eugenics . "Survival of the Fittest" .... Elimination of the poor, sick and old ..... (IF they happen to be Black or gay ..... so much the better.)

Mayor Morial ..... We were and are "targeted" for elimination ..... the vulnerable sexual misfits [gays and transexuals] and/or People of Color - first abroad - Africa and the Middle East .....
NOW ..... in the heart and soul of America - Your beloved City of New Orleans.

What has happened down here is the wind have changed
Clouds roll in from the north and it started to rain
Rained real hard and rained for a real long time
Six feet of water in the streets of Evangeline

The river rose all day
The river rose all night
Some people got lost in the flood
Some people got away alright
The river have busted through cleard down to Plaquemines
Six feet of water in the streets of Evangelne

Louisiana, Louisiana
They're tryin' to wash us away
They're tryin' to wash us away
Louisiana, Louisiana
They're tryin' to wash us away
They're tryin' to wash us away

President Coolidge came down in a railroad train
With a little fat man with a note-pad in his hand
The President say, "Little fat man isn't it a shame what the river has done
To this poor crackers land."

They're tryin' to wash us away
They're tryin' to wash us away

Mayor Morial,
[Finally] For what it is worth - what follows is a letter I sent Senator Landrieu ...... but I need to talk to anyone of you about all this and what I know .... and how I know it ...... because I am a nobody ..... just a victim ..... turned whistle-blower and activist against injustice and a witness to history.
Open and Honestly yours,
Anjelica Kieltyka

Forwarded Message :
Dear Senator Landrieu,
I read on-line 2 significant Times-Picayune articles :
1.Landrieu slams FEMA : http://www.nola.com/weblogs/print.ssf?/mtlogs/nola_Times-Picayune/archives/print076637.html
2.FEMA knew storm's potential, Mayfield says ...

In the first article - If I were to summarize your most serious critical concern it is that FEMA has INEXPLICABLY ... FAILED

Senator ..... I believe I have a most disturbing explaination for not just FEMA's inexplicable failure ..... but also the failure of Homeland Security and that of the Bush administration - before .... during .... and after this ACT of GOD - this natural disaster and the even worse disaster caused by the INACTION of MAN - creating a National disgrace.

I am afraid the "good and decent people" of New Orleans - mostly black, mostly poor, mostly old were ......

....... of a hidden public policy agenda of the Bush Administration .....

[They were] ... systematically written off as "EXPENDABLE" - NOT WORTH SAVING or PRESERVING

(although plans may have been in place to save/preserve PRESERVATION HALL and other valuable PROPERTY.)

The poor and black citizens of New Orleans were "disposable" .... "dispensible" : easily sacrificed or dispensed with IF & WHEN the need arises (and the water RISES) .... AND .... in order to achieve an aim .... an AGENDA .... the hidden agenda of INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM
.... and a biogenetic/eugenic social Darwinian experiment .... the first sinister phase in a cold and calculated "evolutionary" economic cost/benefit plan to "deal" with GLOBAL WARMING .... an E.L.E. - Extinction Level Event.

I am afraid your "good and decent people" of New Orleans were victims of criminal negligence and a Dr. Strangelovian/Darwinian experiment of social engineering (population control and "survival of the fittest".)

The key to proving all this is hidden in plain sight - found in part in the second article - refering to Dr. Max Mayfield's Hurricane PAM exercise; the computer models of imminent disaster (and the hidden cold calculations of eminent domain : government compensation for "acceptable loss" - property ? People ???)

Even more evidence was provided on Sunday Sept. 4th, on NBC's MEET THE PRESS when Tim Russert interviewed Chertoff, but more importantly Mark Fischetti (who wrote "Drowning New Orleans") and Mike Tidwell (who wrote "Bayou Farewell : The Rich Life and Tragic Death of Louisiana's Cajun Coast).

Senator Landrieu, the absolute key to understanding why the "lack of planning" for this predictable disaster by FEMA et. al. ...... WAS IN FACT THE PLAN can be found in Mike Tidwell's reference to COAST 2050 on Meet The Press.
Most importantly : "google" : [ Coast 2050, extinction,Roughgarden, global warming] :

and then give me a call ..... and I will fill in the "dirty" details -

The "devil in the details" ..... makes the "INEXPLICABLE" FEMA response "unconscionable" and obscene .....

This is just the tip of the iceberg of Government/bureaucratic/institutionalized racism .... an academic exercise/collaberation/collusion of deception, denial and "NOBLE LIES"

I can help you get to the bottom of this government created cesspool of corruption and compromised values and compromised human beings.

Open and honestly yours,
Anjelica Kieltyka

P.S. I am a "Whistle Blower who worked with SPLC - Southern Poverty Law Center in exposing related corruption and institutionalized bigotry within biogenetic/eugenic university research conducted on another vulnerable and marginalized minority - gays and transexuals - google [anjelica kieltyka] and check these two URLs : SPLC - "Queer Science" and Medill News

Joe Angerer

I suppose no other president appointed "cronies" to high positions. Most of Clinton's appointees were white trash refugees from Arkansas or helped fill some quota for "diversity."


Sorry, Angelica. This is no secret. They are not even trying to hide what they are doing. It is open fascism now.


From Angelica's link I eventually stumbled upon this curious analysis. Right meets left in a bizzarre tale of political evangelism:

The Neocons and Political Aid
The New Crusade of the Democratic Globalists
By Tom Barry | August 3, 2005

One of the major achievements of the neoconservatives over the past two decades has been to integrate the missionary impulses of liberal internationalism with right-wing interventionism. Not only have the democratic globalists succeeded in setting the ideological foundations of a new U.S. foreign policy but they have also played a central role in directing that policy.

This band of political zealots has embraced another seedy group, the fascists, in its successful attempt to subvert the left and divert public resources into a racist, classist, aristocratic eugenics program. Here is a morsel from the very first link Angelica pointed to:

Does Race Matter? Recent Developments

By Louis Andrews

In general, the world is a rational place in which winners on the whole deserve to win and losers deserve to lose. It is only for the exception, the lives that are strikingly unfair, that we maintain the mediating devices of social welfare.

William A. Henry III

Levin would eliminate all anti-discrimination legislation. Given the high level of black crime, he would allow screening procedures in order to reduce it. As he notes, this would reduce crime against blacks as well as crimes against whites.

He differentiates between negative and positive racial discrimination. Positive discrimination is the attempt to harm due to race. Negative discrimination is the "race-based refusal to bestow benefits." He argues that negative discrimination is consistent with the golden rule. Levin develops an interesting argument that the opposition to negative discrimination has a lot to do with one's view of race differences.

"But another reason this distinction is ill grasped where race is concerned may be the failure of blacks to produce on their own the sorts of goods common in white society. This inability of blacks to acquire Caucasoid goods without Caucasoid cooperation makes white refusal to deal with blacks appear to be a barrier - and a barrier is indeed harmful…But refusal to offset an inability is not a barrier…Africans centuries ago unaware of Europe were not harmed by the sheer existence of unavailable European goods. Nor would Africans have been harmed had they known about and wanted to trade for those goods, but were unable to inform Europe of their desire. It also follows…that Africans would not have been harmed had the Europeans who refused to deal lived on the same continent, or shared the same territory, as do blacks and whites in the United States. The proximity of someone with goods you do not have may sharpen your desire for them, but his refusal to slake your desire does not make you worse off."

Levin notes that much of the so-called malaise of contemporary America had developed since the Civil Rights Movement started. Regarding welfare he has some interesting comments for a libertarian. He says that welfare is too new for us to know its long term effects, but that such a safety net does appear at least feasible for whites.

"The case appears otherwise for blacks, who are more inclined than whites to regard public assistance as a legitimate means of support…One implication is that welfare would be unstable in an all-black population, and another may be that welfare for blacks, at 12% of the population, will eventually bankrupt an otherwise prosperous white society. It thus may be imprudent to offer blacks the same safety net that whites make available to each other."

In terms of the public school system he has a similar comment.

"The "failure" of public schools - falling test scores, illiterate graduates, attacks on teachers, chaotic classrooms, physical decline - has only become a matter of great concern since the start of integration…As noted above, welfare became problematic only after becoming widely available to blacks. Perhaps certain institutions, like public education, are viable in a white population, but not in a black or mixed one, and conservatives have mistaken the unworkability of these institutions in mixed-race populations for inherent flaws."

In an afterword, Levin imagines a talk to the nation by the President of the United States, on solutions to its race relation problems, based on the ideas presented in the book. Here the President ends affirmative action and offers three plans for the future: minimizing race differences, laissez-faire, and controlling the negative aspects of race differences. The first, having been tried and failed, is rejected. Various methods of controlling the problems of black crime and unemployment are presented. Cooperation and support from the black community (especially black churches) is encouraged. Finally he suggests that a laissez-faire approach might be the most productive when linked with "realistic race blindness." Disparate impact is normal and to be expected, while racial classifications should be avoided.

Many religious persons are disturbed by Darwinism, but few people oppose open discussion of evolution. Loss of cherished illusions and abandonment of dreams is often the price of wisdom. The impossibility of our hopes is seen first as a crisis, then a chronic problem, then, finally, accepted as part of the human condition. So it will be with race.

There you have it, folks. The left has sold out to fascism, and does not even realize it. This is the true reason for the ascendancy of the right. It is full of immoral charlatans who will do anything for power.

Anjelica Kieltyka

"OUT, OUT, Damn Spot"
The “OUTING” of Noble Liars, Racists, Classists, Eugenicists and Bigots ...

Charlatans and Carpet-baggers ... "OUT, OUT them all ...

Dearest Cheryl, fair and noble (Lady Macbeth?)....
Let us sabotage the levee and drain this foul swamp of all its malignant administrative mendacity, putrid public policy.
Let us drain this cesspool of Charlatans of Compassionate Conservatism's hoodoo-voodoo social welfare reform .... including Bush's New Vision for New Orleans - His "New Deal" .... his "Big Deal" for the Big Easy.

"Sabotage the levee" I say, "weaken them just as the Storms of "Indignation", "Vindication" and Hurricane Nemesis hit with a vengeance.Let us give Nature a helping hand and flood this Black Hole/Sink Hole of corrupted governance that has itself exploited Mother Nature's PREDICTABILITY.

Condemn those seeking profits - not refuge from the storm.

Condemn this Bushwhacker's Propheteering Vision for a "newer and better" New Orleans - bought with the lives of the drowned, displaced and deceived.

Condemn these Northern Southern-sounding carpet-baggers before they turn New Orleans - like New York's Time Square - into a eminant domain combo McDisneyland and Las Vegas strip joint (with an authentic looking Jazzed-up French Quarter filled with legalized gambling and prostitution)

Something truly IS Rotten in the STATE of the NATION .... In Bush Country – everything is not what it seems – in the "MALICE in WUNDERLAND" of neoCON Artists, elitist "wunderkind" and Noble Liars - "up is down"; Right is Right and Left is Wrong; "compassion" is "indifference".

"Out, out, Damn spot ... and a pox on both your houses - your off-White House and your Majority Ruling House of Cards.

Your godless Capitalism will not save you from GAIA - the Goddess of Earth and her Global Warning : Don't try to fool Mother Nature .... or exploit her for your own ends by any means. Your Noble Lies won't work with Mother Nature.

Your Evangelical self-RIGHTeousness and hypocracy - your "democracy" (not the people's Democracy) will perish from the earth.

Prepare yourself for the RAPTURE .....

Repent and join hands with Evangelicals LaHaye and Bush and their almighty self-RIGHTeous cohorts and prepare for DOOMS DAY.

Speaking of GLOOM and DOOM

Consider this NeoCONiclastic Architecture of Doom “Back to the Future” Evangelical Prophecy from the German Evangelical Church Yearbook of 1937 :

“The National-Socialist world view is the volkish-political doctrine which determines and forms the German man. And as such it is also binding upon German Christians. The Evangelical [Lutheran] Church honors a divinely established order in the state and demands from its members a total service in this order. The National-Socialist philosophy fights relentlessly against the political and intellectual influence of the Jewish race on the life of our Volk. In obedience to the divine order of creation, the Evangelical [Lutheran] Church affirms its responsibility to preserve the purity of our Volkdom. Beyond that, in the realm of faith, there is no sharper contrast than that between the message of Christ and the Jewish religion with its sterile legalism and its hope for a political messiah.”
--German Evangelical Church Yearbook, 1937

(The above quote is from the Davidson College web-page for German 231 : the Holocaust History and Representation .

The class included viewing the films : “The Eternal Jew”; “Triumph of the Will”; “Architecture of Doom” and “Schindler’s List” among others.


Replace “Eternal Jew” with “Eternal Queer” or “Eternal Nigger” and you may just have a modern day NeoCON retro-fitted Architecture of Doom and Final Solution of the CULTURE WAR and Homeland Security/FEMA New Deal for the Fatherland.

In other words :

“The Triumph and the Will of the Evangelical Bush Administration affirms its responsibility to preserve the purity of our Volkdom.” ...... (“God willing and the river don’t rise”) .... (“Come Hell or High Water ..... or both.”) “AMEN”

It all puts what Michael and Heather said back in June about Nietzsche and "Will To Power" in a whole new (or should I say "neo" as in neofascist) perspective : "Chilling" and "Warming" in an earthy, global warmy cozy “touchy-feely” sort of way :

"Nietzsche argued that men are driven by an amoral “Will to Power,” and that superior men will sweep aside [WASH ASIDE] religiously inspired moral rules, which he deemed as artificial as any other moral rules, to craft whatever rules would help them dominate the world around them. “Life itself is essentially appropriation, injury, overpowering of the strange and weaker, suppression, severity, imposition of one’s own forms, incorporation and, at the least and mildest, exploitation,” he wrote.
The Nazis loved Nietzsche."
Would it be presumptuous to presume ....so does Bush and his National and Homeland Security Advisors ?

Dear Amazon Warrior Cheryl :

How's that for matching your "bizzarre tale of political evangelism".

In my "psychic" (and/or "psycho") state of disillusionment with our "Titanic" and "unsinkable"/unstoppable Ship of State .... I see the rhyme and reason of the strange bedfellowship of Bush/Fukuyama/Murray.

I see the under-lying (LYING)racism and Social Darwinism and eugenics of their New Deal policy for dealing with both “sweeping” Welfare Reform and FEMA drenched welfare reciprients “Swept Away” by disasters like Katrina ... with one stroke of a pen or tipping of a canal wall.

As for “Bell Curve” Murray and Francis Fukuyama :

Both these good old American Enterprisers and Noble Liars are seeking not refuge but Enterprise Zones - yet me thinks a tad short on the Noblesse Oblige scale of compassionate generosity - conservative (ingenuous) or genuine.

These guys are part of that Human Bio-PERVERSITY Institute neoCON Think Tank – The Human Biodiversity Institute. (So is Louis Andrews - whom you quoted.)

Here again is the URL for these Academic Genetic and Eugenic Race Scientists ..... including Francis Fukuyama, Charles Murray and J. Michael Bailey : http://web.archive.org/web/20021030020607/

Noble Liar Fukuyama may be the "sink hole" that funnels all the pseudo-science crap to Bush (by way of the President's Council On Bioethics).... including Bailey's crap about gay "germs" and his transexual nonsense and non-science.

“Fukuyama qualifies as the official ideologue of the Bush regime.”

That’s according to George Bush : The Unauthorized Biography (that’s George senior) by Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin http://www.kmf.org/williams/bushbook.html

Chapter XXIII – “The End of History” http://www.kmf.org/williams/bushbook/bush23.html

Fukuyama’s starting point is the “unabashed victory of economic and social liberalism” ... “what the State Department under Bush usually calls “democracy”.

“The triumph of the West, of the Western idea, is evident ... The triumph of the Western political idea is complete”

“The Western idea of governance has prevailed.” “What we may be witnessing is not just the end of the Cold War, or the passing of a particular period of postwar history, but the end of history as such: that is, the end point of mankind'’ ideological evolution ...” – Francis Fukuyama

(Talk about your “TRIUMPH OF THE WILL”) .....

That’s a whole lotta “highfalutin” hubris from a guy named “Francis” .....

All this high and mighty hyperbole from Chapter XXIII – “The End of History” - not to be confused with the “End of Civilization” as we now know it .... brought on by global warming and E.L.E. – Extinction Level Event - the other “Great Disruption” (???)

Or is this too a whole lotta highfalutin hyperbole and “SHOCK JOCK” and “Future Shock”.

A global hoax of RIGHT-minded fear-mongering ???

A way to control the masses?

Who's to say ....

Only time will tell
and Truth will out ....

And "OUT" the outlaws of truth, justice and the American way.

Right or wrong or What's Left .... I am ... Anjelica Kieltyka – “psychic” and/or “psycho”


Whoa, girl. Check your meds. This is a blog, not a creative writing class.

Thanks for the links.

Anjelica Kieltyka

Dear Lady Cheryl (but not Lady Macbeth),

I guess I thought your William A. Henry III quote was from Shakespeare's "Henry III" and got "swept away" ... my mind "flooded" with poetic irony.

Speaking of "sweeping" : the underlying EUGENICS, Social Determinism and Darwinism are all too obvious in the "sweeping" reform of the "welfare state" implied in the Henry III quote (the guy - not the play) - and bears repeating :

"In general, the world is a rational place in which the winners on the whole deserve to win and losers deserve to loose. It is only for the exception, the lives that are strikingly unfair, that we maintain the mediating devices of social welfare."

BTW - Who the hell is Bill Henry III anyway? ..... Me thinks a secret "lover" of the Bell Curve and/or Charles Murray perchance?

Another BTW : Did you know that Charles Murray has the "RIGHT STUFF".

He gave the keynote address at the unveiling of Bush's "LOONY" Vision : Moon Colonizization and Mars Exploration at a NASA Symposium ....

Seems our "good old boy" Charlie wrote about the Apollo Space Program that inspired Tom Wolf during the SPACE RACE part of the COLD WAR .....

"The George Washington University's Space Policy Institute ... Organized in collaboration with NASA's History Office and Office of Policy and Plans, the symposium ... on the past forty years of U.S. human space flight; perspectives on the next forty years of human space flight; and astronauts' perspectives on the experience of space flight. Speakers will include Apollo 11 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin; Homer Hickam, author of October Sky; and NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin. Keynote remarks will be provided by Charles Murray, Bradley Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and author of Apollo: Race to the Moon, and the closing speaker will be William Shepherd, commander of Expedition 1 to the International Space Station."

Now me thinks, our "good old Boy" Charlie Murray has also inspired Bush's "sweeping" New Deal for New Orleans Reformation .....

Starting with "Throwing the baby out with the flood water".

“Think I’m Loony”? ..... “Loosing It” ? : Read here from "Loosing Ground" - Charles Murray's similar mindset to Henry III and you tell me if it "moved" George II.

"Our topic is the poor and the discriminated against as they have been affected by "social policy" ... Welfare programs ... job programs ... the Miranda decision and Affirmative Action ...

What each of these examples has in common is ... a transfer of resources from the haves to the have-nots."
- p.13 "Loosing Ground", by Charles Murray

Consider page 16 :
" ... the mainstream of western social thought among intellectuals and the general public alike held that welfare was pernicious at bottom - " a bounty on indolence and vice."

("Indolence and vice" - Was he referring to New Orleans ?) ..... (maybe during Marde Gras)

To continue :
"... The very existence of a welfare system was ... undermining the moral character of the people. Not working was easier than working; not saving is easier than saving; shirking responsibility for parents and spouses and children is easier than taking responsibility."

"... a welfare system was perpetually in danger of tilting the balance in favor of the easy way out."

“I’ll be dang!” .... “He WAS talking about the BIG EASY” : A "pernicious bottom of indolence and vice"

"Well .... Throw me some beads and I'll expose my breasts if Charlie Murray ain't behind Bush's New Deal BiG Deal for the Big Easy."

( Or would you prefer a "MOON SHOT" in your face) : The new "Bush Gone Wild Video"


The quote is from the same website as the paragraph following it. I do not know its etiology.

I guess we are off topic now. My main point was that cronyism is incidental to, not central to, the FEMA disaster. Unlike Michael I think that fascism is the foundation.

Cronyism explains how an inexperienced incompetent was appointed, but only fascism explains the deliberate cutting of emergency communication lines, the perpetual no-bid contracts to Halliburton i.e. corporate welfare, the blatant classism/racism/sexism, the vote rigging and the constant drumbeat of patently false but amazingly efficient propaganda in the major media. Given the preponderance of the evidence and FEMA's relative success in Florida last year I do not see cronyism as the center of the problem.

Anjelica Kieltyka

As far as I'm concerned, Cheryl, you are right on topic .... right on target with seeing fascism as the foundation.

You said : "... only fascism explains the deliberate cutting of emergency communication lines ..."

Hell - I'll go even further : " Only fascism could explain a deliberate sabotage of the 17th Street Canal separating Orleans Parish (predominately Black and unfortunately on the wrong side of the tracks .... I mean canal) from Jefferson Parish (predominantely White and luckily on the RIGHT side of the tracks .... I mean canal).

Check out this before and after satellite view of the failure of the retaining wall

- This was no storm surge pushing an immense quantity of water from Lake Ponchartrain over the top of a earthen levee .... this was an unexplainable collapse of a wall with a (built-in?) "prejudice" - an inexplicable one-sided bias of learning toward the right - in this case - the wrong side of the tracks ....I mean canal.

BTW - "60 Minutes" and Ed Bradley were on the Jefferson Parish side of the wall (the RIGHT side - which was actually the left side)- looking over to the Orleans Parish side where the wall collapsed (the right side - which was actually the wrong side).

I think they think something was rather "odd".

The whole "oddness" of the normalcy of the wall - its INTEGRITY throughout .... except for one strategic FLAW - the lack of integrity - the bias of the wall - favoring the side named after the President of the Confederacy ... Jefferson Davis ....

"Oops - I AM sorry ... (my prejudice showing)- I guess it was named after Pres. Thomas Jefferson who bought the whole damn swamp and thensome back in the 1800's.

I guess I could be wrong about everything .... sabotage, fascism and all.

Sorry - Can't seem to blame anyone or prove a damn thing .... Too much "plausible deniability".

Speaking of "plausible deniability" - if FEMA were still at Cabinet level - Bush would not have "cronyism" as an excuse for deliberately (?)screwing up.

He would not have his "crony" FALL GUYS - "Brown Nose" Chertoff and "Brownie" to take the blame and give him a "cushion of compassionate incompetence".

Most importantly - He would not have "PLAUSABLE DENIABILITY" ....

Something every head of a good old fashion covert operation - "Black OP" or Special Operations Unit must have ....

.... especially, when it comes to "sweeping" and dramatic changes and "flooding" an area with a rising tide or tidal wave of "compassionate conservativism".

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