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September 06, 2005



It seems to me that the thrust of his statement is that public opinon has changed, not that the performance of the administration has changed.

If taken in the context of public opinion, the comments make sense. Unfortunately, if Friedman only cares about public opinion, he is worthless as a commentator.

But in today's fascist Orwellian world, public opinion is more important than anything else. That is saying lots about the intelligence of the electorate. Talk about blowing in the wind.

Keep in mind that if they do not speak the language of the fascist media, these people will lose their jobs. They are under tight constraints as to what they can and cannot say. Above all, they cannot piss off their corporate advertizers, and certainly they must toe the corporate line of the owners too!

I am currently being interviewed by a local rag, and even on the smallest scale the corporate filter is constraining the message that the reporter can safely get out. He is confiding in me that he would love to be more frank but that he has to couch the message in terms that are acceptable and constrain the scope to what is considered the normal refrain of discourse. I see this phenomenon in action even at the county level. Imagine what it is like at the national level.

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