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September 13, 2005



Better still, the pre-emergency declarations that Bush signed didn't include the parishes in Louisiana that were actually affected by Katrina. Apparently he figured it was going to do a tornado and leap right over the Delta and New Orleans, and whack the northern parts of the state. Not only does Bush not know how to forecast the weather, his geography is pretty damn weak, too.

And besides, he's the fucking president of the fucking USA. He's got to get his news on what's going on in his own country by watching CNN?


He's dodging so badly he's even using the passive voice--the bullet was dodged. That's a blame passing technique as old as language.


He can't take responsibility for this tragedy. He was given that responsibilty when he swore the oath of office. What he could do was admit neglegence in protecting his American people in the face of a well anticipated, widely reported, and monsterous hurricane!

He needs to make some admissions of guilt! Saint Rita's Nursing home is his fault too!

Impeachment...Let's do it!


Given the political fallout of the hurricanes and DeLay's recent indictment, it does seem as if Michael may have been right about the no-clothes emperor.

I'm having a naked bush moment.

God, what an ugly body. He has a vestigial reptile tail and he is an Illuminati shapeshifter, did you know? His biceps are nice but I swear I see scales. Oops, guess I have been watching too much left-wingnut internet TV lately. Sorry folks, I'll get back to the slightly more plausible twin towers remote control airplane conspiracy theme as soon as Michael comes back on topic. Good thing the NSA sprinkled all those Korans and passports around after the fact. We wouldn't want anyone to forget who the enemy is and we needed some fresh seeds for the left to sprout horns with. That pile of phony airplane refuse in front of the Pentagon was a nice touch, made plenty of people suspicious.

You know, I have seen plenty of nuttery on both the left and the right, and sometimes I think that the nuts on both sides are spun on to opposite ends of the same delusional shaft. The only difference between them is the magnitude of their funding and therefore the respective depths to which they can screw us. As an impoverished movement, the left wingnuts in the US can at least claim they are relatively harmless since they have next to no power anyway.

So... any odds on the Rebulbicans holding onto the house? I put it at 5 to 1 against, unless we have another Diebold moment. No, sorry make that 5 to 1 for. I forgot, we don't actually vote anymore. The right wing takes care of that for us with their Rebulbican voting machines.

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