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September 12, 2005



Wizbang has done it--no link because I refuse to give them the time of day--and they're doing it couched in that race-conscious, southern-strategy language, so they get to blame both government and blacks at the same time.


I haven't seen a Grover Norquist-esque Katrina piece yet. But my mom did forward to me for debunking a bit of "blame the welfare state" crap the other day. The "drown it in the bathtub" schtick can't be far behind.


And we have a winner! Ezra has a post up this morning, quoting from Bainbridge and saying "Follow the ooze and you'll find the argument in its natural habitat -- Tony Snow's head. Snow, of course, has built a career dressing viciously dishonest statements in a fine Italian suit of exasperated sanity. Here he lauds the private sector's remarkable mobilization against Katrina and blasts FEMA's fatally flawed response, ending in a call for the complete privatization of disaster relief."

the exile

Response to your update: Cronyism is indeed the magic key that links FEMA incompetence to everything else Bush has done in office. It may be the winner issue for 06. But it's not just cronyism; it's POLITICAL cronyism that puts the PARTY above the nation and party spin above the truth. Why was Clinton's FEMA destroyed? Because Bush deliberately turned it into a massive slush fund to buy votes in Florida. And Brownie was actually pretty damn good at that part of the job. So this is the TV spot: GWB has made America unsafe because he has put LYING REPUBLICAN PARTY HACKS into positions that need honest and competent professionals. In a dangerous world, do we want a President who will protect all Americans, or a man who only cares about winning elections, no matter what it takes? Putting it this way links all the memes into one: the lying, the incompetence, and the partisan assalt on our basic democratic values and institutions.

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