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September 01, 2005



FEMA Director Brown (I think that's his name) has the same problem understanding there are two facilities -- the Superdome and the Convention Center. Either that or he's flat out lying. Thursday night on "Nightline" he told Ted Koppel that there was no shortage of food for people at the convention center. Ted replied, "with all due respect, we have been to the convention center; people are not getting food there." And Mr. Brown replied, "Oh, you're right, Ted. I misspoke. It's the Superdome where we are getting food to the people." Then Friday morning, he appeared on "Today" and told Katie Couric, "people at the convention center have been getting two meals a day."

(My quotations in this recounting are for ease of reading. These are not the actual words spoken, but the general thoughts expressed are entirely correct.)


Why doesn't Brush and his administration ever take responsibility for their failures? Why do they continue to manipulate, deceive, and lie to the American People? These facts make it extremely difficult to convince other countries to believe in a free democracy. If the US is trying to spread democracy around the world and since our politicians believe in a free democracy, one govern for the people and by the people then they should make every effort humanely possible to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to the American People in order for Americans to have all the facts possible when they vote. In this way the politicians will truly earn there positions and the voter’s votes will be based on facts that truly reflects the wishes of the American people..

Richard S. Thomas

Chertoff is spinning like a top. He doesn't want to say that the Federal response was pathetic. He's making it harder than it is. Right after the winds died-down, there should have been, at least, 20,000 boots on the ground. You don't have to plan and execute from Washington. Let the man on the ground tell Washington what is needed. I'm not impressed by Chertoff's excuses. He's all words, telling us things we already know, and no substance!


Best TV quote..."It's not about rich people or poor people, it's about people......

With the bush boys it's not all about racism. That's actually a small consideration. It's more about wealth and political influance ala FLORIDA that motivates bush.


Here's a story from the Chicago Tribune so shocking it's almost unbelievable. I hope that this will, once and for all, end the patent and shameless lie that "FEMA did everything they could".



Navy ship nearby underused

Craft with food, water, doctors needed orders

By Stephen J. Hedges
Tribune national correspondent

September 4, 2005

ON THE USS BATAAN -- While federal and state emergency planners scramble to get more military relief to Gulf Coast communities stricken by Hurricane Katrina, a massive naval goodwill station has been cruising offshore, underused and waiting for a larger role in the effort.

The USS Bataan, a 844-foot ship designed to dispatch Marines in amphibious assaults, has helicopters, doctors, hospital beds, food and water. It also can make its own water, up to 100,000 gallons a day. And it just happened to be in the Gulf of Mexico when Katrina came roaring ashore.

The Bataan rode out the storm and then followed it toward shore, awaiting relief orders. Helicopter pilots flying from its deck were some of the first to begin plucking stranded New Orleans residents.

But now the Bataan's hospital facilities, including six operating rooms and beds for 600 patients, are empty. A good share of its 1,200 sailors could also go ashore to help with the relief effort, but they haven't been asked. The Bataan has been in the stricken region the longest of any military unit, but federal authorities have yet to fully utilize the ship.

Captain ready, waiting

"Could we do more?" said Capt. Nora Tyson, commander of the Bataan. "Sure. I've got sailors who could be on the beach plucking through garbage or distributing water and food and stuff. But I can't force myself on people.

"We're doing everything we can to contribute right now, and we're ready. If someone says you need to take on people, we're ready. If they say hospitals on the beach can't handle it ... if they need to send the overflow out here, we're ready. We've got lots of room."

Navy helicopters from the Bataan and Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida have joined the growing aerial armada of choppers that are lifting hurricane survivors from flooded surroundings and delivering food and water.

More will arrive throughout the weekend when the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman and four other Navy ships, including three amphibious assault ships--really mini-aircraft carriers for helicopter use--arrive in the gulf from Norfolk, Va. The USS Comfort, a hospital ship from Baltimore, also is steaming there.

The Bataan, though, was already in the gulf when Katrina crossed Florida and picked up new, devastating energy from the warm gulf waters. The ship, sailing near the Texas coastline, had just finished an exercise in Panama and was scheduled to return to its home port in Norfolk on Friday after six weeks at sea.

Instead, the ship rode out the hurricane in 12 to 14 foot seas and then fell in behind the storm as it neared the gulf coast. A day after Katrina struck, Navy helicopters arrived from Corpus Christi, Texas, and began survey flights over New Orleans.

The initial belief, Tyson said, was that the city had been spared.

"On Monday it was like, `Wow, it missed us, it took a turn east,' and everything eased up," Tyson aid. "It was `Let's open up Bourbon Street, have a beer, let's go party, and understandably so. And then all of a sudden, literally and figuratively, the dam broke, and here we are."

When the city's levees broke Tuesday, Tyson's pilots were rescuing stranded residents. Communications became muddled as the rescue and humanitarian supply efforts were bogged down by rising water and sketchy information. Tyson, who would get debriefings from returning pilots, had perhaps one of the best vantage points to see what was unfolding.

`Like a bad dream'

"It was like a bad dream that you knew you had to wake up from," she said.

A 135-foot landing craft stored within the Bataan, the LCU-1656, was dispatched to steam up the 90 miles of Mississippi River to New Orleans. It took a crew of 16, including a doctor, and its deck was stacked with food and water. The craft carries enough food and fuel to remain self-sufficient for 10 days.

Moving up through the storm's flotsam, the crew couldn't believe the scene.

"We saw a lot of dead animals, dead horses, floating cows, dead alligators," said Rodney Blackshear, LCU-1656's navigator. "And a lot of dogs that had been pets. But no people."

Near Boothville, La., the storm surge had lifted a construction crane and put it on top of a house. Near Venice, the crew members considered going ashore to examine the damage, but dogs drove them back.

"I didn't want any of my guys in there," said Bill Fish, who commands LCUs and who went on the river trip.

"Everything was decimated. It was the storm surge."

Then the Bataan was ordered to move to the waters off Biloxi, Miss., and LCU-1656 was ordered to return. The landing craft was 40 miles from New Orleans, but it wouldn't be able to deliver its cargo.

"It was a disappointment," Fish said. "I figured we would be a big help in New Orleans. We've got electricity, and the police could have charged up their radios. We've got water, toilets. We've got food."

Now sailing within 25 miles of Gulfport, Miss., the Bataan has become a floating warehouse. Supplies from Texas and Florida are ferried out to the ship, and the helicopters distribute them where Federal Emergency Management Agency personnel say they are needed.

The Bataan has also taken on a substantial medical staff. Helicopters ferried 84 doctors, nurses and technicians 60 miles out to the ship from the Pensacola Naval Air Station on Friday, and on Saturday afternoon 24 of the medical personnel were flown to the New Orleans Convention Center where they expected to augment the staff of an Air Force medical clinic on the center's bus parking lot. The medical staff had come from Jacksonville, Fla., Naval Hospital, and they covered a wide swath of medical specialties from surgeons and pediatricians to heart specialists, a psychiatrist and even a physical therapist.

"It's really a cross section of a major hospital," said Capt. Kevin Gallagher, a Navy nurse who was part of the group. "We haven't been told what to expect, but we're going to find out once we get out there."

Moving in, ready to go

On Friday evening the Bataan was edging closer to the Mississippi shoreline; until then, it had stayed well out into the gulf to avoid floating debris.

Closer to shore, it will be able to deploy the landing craft again, as well as Marine hovercraft that can ride up onto shore to deliver supplies.

LCU-1656 cruised 98 miles overnight Thursday with a failed electrical generator and broken starboard propeller to join up again with the Bataan, their mother ship. After repairs, it was to set out for the shoreline near Gulfport, Miss., Saturday with a 15,000 water tank lashed to vessel's deck, as well as pallets of bottled water.

The role in the relief effort of the sizable medical staff on board the Bataan was not up to the Navy, but to FEMA officials directing the overall effort.

That agency has been criticized sharply for failing to respond quickly enough.

Tyson said the hurricane was an unusual event that has left some painful lessons.

"Can you do things better? Always," Tyson said. "Unfortunately, some of the lessons we have learned during this catastrophe we are learning the hard way. But I think we're working together well to make things happen."



Copyright © 2005, Chicago Tribune


President Brush is the commander in chief of United States. If it happens on his watch, he should take full responsibility for all governmental failures. He takes credit for all successes, but for failures, he blames people underneath him. Make no mistake about it, Hurricane Katrina disaster was totally his responsibility. I just don’t understand how president Brush is able to remain in office after: Stealing his first presidential election - By lying, deceiving, and manipulating the American people, he decided to go ahead and start the Iraq war. - He is a very poor communicator with world leaders. I believe Colin Powell had to calm the waters in many situations after Brush’s spoken words. - He Rushed Congress to vote on several issues without an open debate (not giving the Democrats adequate time, and needed documents preventing them from having all the facts before casting their votes). - He was absolutely terrible in his three presidential debates before his 2nd term. In fact it appeared he had a microphone (receiving messages) located underneath his suit jacket during I believe his 2nd debate in which the media mention it once only. It was never mention again via media that I’m aware of. How can he and his administration have that much control over the media and the American people is a good question??? - He seems to be using some Dictatorship characteristics ( see above). Also,anybody who even thinks differently then him, appears to get fired or simply put, resigns. It appears that know one can say anything against President Brush. If they do, it is quitted down very quickly by the media or government personnel. Why does he have so much control over others is a good question??? He appears to use the principles of: divide, and conquer, control, manipulate, and deceive, fear, etc. to push his agenda.

When are we going to wake up and demand a through investigation on this man??? I’m deeply concern, if we do nothing, by the time his term is over we will end up in another World War and he will possibly destroy our economy. That’s if he has not already done so. To some of us the economy appears to be good, but it’s really not. If it were not for the extremely low interest rates, thanks to Mr. Greenspan, I think our economy would be in deep trouble.

I truly believe that if the US are trying to spread democracy around the world and since our politicians believe in a free democracy, one governs for the people and by the people. Then they should make every effort humanely possible to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to the American People in order for Americans to have all the facts possible when they vote. In this way the politicians will truly earn their positions and the voter’s votes will be based on facts that truly reflects the wishes of the American people. Resulting in a true and honest majority vote.


I truly believe as head of USA President Brush should have responded to the Katrina Disaster in New Orleans from the very first day. As head of this country, even if everybody under him failed in one way or another to do their jobs (city, county, state, homeland security, etc.). Then it’s his responsibility to communicate from top to bottom, until he knew the facts and responded to them immediately regarding a disaster of this magnitude.

We should be asking the question why he is spending so much time in the disaster areas now, more than two weeks since the disaster hit. Could it be that he is deeply concern? Or could it be that he’s trying to convince the American that he’s concern? Or that he and his administration did not make a serious error? Or he simply did not respond quickly enough? You know, when many death row prisoners were released from prison due too further evident’s from DNA testing. Brush implied that all Texas death row prisoners are all guilty. I think they turn down DNA testing. Concluding all were guilty without doubt. It appears in his mind, there was no possibility of error. I have to make the conclusion that he will under no circumstance admit that he made an error.

We can’t fire President Brush. He can’t impeach him. How can we remove him from office? I’m sure that if Present Clinton, or Al Gore, or Colin Powell, or John McCann. Any one of them was president of this country during the last six years or so. This Country would be in a much better and different place.


In the future my idea is to create a network of ethical web sites. These web sites would expose (lies, manipulations, controls, deceive, fear, etc.) from all politicians records. Also, the web sites would expose the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth as best as humanly possible from all politicians’ records. The web sites will then communicate these facts and all other facts to a network of local news sites and local newspapers, etc. throughout the country. Also, before each election, a summary of these facts could be communicated to the American People via mail, local stations, etc. In this way, the elected politicians will truly reflect the wishes of the American People.


All American needs to realize that together by casting our votes we have the power to hire and fire our elected officials. We can do a much better job if we knew the real (truthful) facts. I believe we should demand the facts. If we are certain that a Politician or the Media are not reporting the real facts we can fire the Politician(s) or do not watch or read the Media(s) until they begin reporting factual information. This is also true if they refuse to give us factual information. Once several Powerful Politicians are removed from office. You will see that the remaining Politicians very quickly will change their ways. This country will finally be moving in the right direction and government corruption will be decreasing. This is also true with the Media.


President Brush is prepared to tap the US oil reserve to help with the fuel shortfall from the disaster regions. I think we all can help to increase our fuel supply and keep the price of fuel very low across our Nation. For examples let’s, drive our cars only when it is necessary for about a month or until the problem is resolved. We could run several errands in a day and plan the shortest route. Instead of going out of town on weekends and holidays, we could visit friends and our families close to home, or take in a movie and/or have dinner out. There’s a lot of activities we can enjoy close to home. We could also work on those special home projects that we been putting off and could spend the extra gas saving on them.

To resolve fuel shortages and high fuel prices in the long term: First, we could have a team of highly qualified persons to study the possibility of staggering work day hours in big cities to lessen traffic jams. For example, several big companies within an area that causes a lot of traffic could stagger their work day hours from 0600-0300, 0700-0400, 0800-0500, 0900-0600. Repeat this process for different areas within large congested cities throughout the Nation. This should relieve a huge amount of traffic congestion and save a huge amount of gas due to the stop and go traffic. Also will help prevent drivers’ rages and shorten their commute time considerably.

Secondly, the government should invest in Hybrids and Hydrogen Automobiles by standing behind the Automobile Manufactures and by giving them large tax breaks. These kinds of tax breaks are investments and are extremely good for our country. If the government had done this when this technology was first discover. We would have had hundreds of thousands more Clean Air, Gas Saving Hybrids and advance greatly Hydrogen technology and created large amounts of good high paying skillful jobs. No, President Brush and the Republicans agenda are to build these dirty air polluting ugly oil rigs that could cause cancer, severe respiratory problems, and other diseases. They will not produce a lot of good high paying jobs but will make a lot of Rich Oil Companies Richer. Former President Bill Clinton, former Vice President Al Gore, John Kerry, and the Democratic Party had a passion for Clean Air technologies and greatly wanted to invest in those technologies. But as always, President Brush and the Republican party blocked their efforts. They are very wrong to accuse of the Democratic Party of being big spenders when their investments (big spending) will produce a very high return (stock markets, high paying jobs, decrease health problems, decreases the national debt, etc.).

Please post your thoughts regarding these issues for we all can gain a better understanding. Hopefully, in the future, we all will be able to make a better selection of whom we want serving us when we vote


It seems to me that to fight terrorism effectively. We need to rethink our strategy. The way I understand it, the terrorist has a network of cells and training camp intersperse throughout many countries. They appear to be capable of arranging these terrorist attacks in any country by communicating with these cells and training camps. They are extremely active in Iraq because President Brush opened the door to them by starting the Iraqi war.

So, my idea would be cut off the supply by destroying their training camps throughout the world. To do this we must organize and convince a network of countries to work together as one unit to succeed in wining the war on terrorism. Pride cometh before a fall. I think all participating countries if possible should work together to seek and find the terrorist training camps and destroy them. As a result, this should cut off the human supply to the battle field which could be a terrorist attack in any country at any given time. In time this should prevent a large number of American troops, our Allied troops, Iraqi troops, and innocent people from being murdered. This also should act as a deterrent for terrorist to join these training camp because they will soon get the message that they will probably be unsuccessful in completing their sick mission.

That will be a very tough job to accomplish because President Brush has escalated the division of congress, the division of our country, and we lost respect and co-operation of many other countries. In addition, on 10/06/05 the far right republicans succeeded in passing the Energy bill by holding a five minute vote open for 45 minutes and twisting the arms of several moderate Republicans to change their votes. My question is what tactics did they use to change several moderate republicans’ votes? They should have the free will to vote any way they like. This is a democracy, those kinds of tactics should be against the law and should not be permitted.

Yes we do need a strong and decisive President. But we also need a wise President, one that truly loves our country. He’s not ignorant, He certainly knows that his defense policies and his economical policies are failing. In fact, they are destroying our country. The wise thing for him to do is to seek counsel, admit that he has made serious errors, and correct his course before it’s to late. The American People will understand the truth but they will not put up with these lies much longer. Otherwise he should resign, or the Democrats should immediately start impeachment proceedings.


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