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August 24, 2005



I asked those same questions in November and in 2000 when the military vote came back overwhelmingly pro-Bush.


as usual the right calls the left namestheyare obsessed with LIBERALISM IT has nothing to do with these critiques it is afact BUSH messed up !!! period !!!!! t FACTS are FACTS!!!!cuts in FEMA less money for LEVEES calls BY NEW ORLEANS for help yrs ago ignored these are FACTS, fellows,so wake up ---- IRAQ isd behind it as well !!1! we are losing in IRAQ democracy will never take hold there neve rit is atheocratic stae with women losing out and the AYOTOLLAHS the power of lastresort !! OUR ga sprices ar eup now that BUSH faile dto do athing about HUMMERS and SUV'S gas guzzling ---- IRAQ ::::: BUSH LIED to get us in wmds :""".>???/HOGWASH!!!!.troops to control IRAQ ??????--<>???NO said RUMSFELD -so there wwas widespread looting there ------ now we have less money for disater aid and BUSH wants the public to pay for this ..............well, what about the tax dollars these people IN LOUISIANA and you and I have lost ,squanderd in IRAQ?............. lets face it, no one could have messed up[ this Disaster as well as BUSH-------- who remember never saw THE PRESIDENTIAL DAILY BRIEFING about 911 cause RICE never showed it to the VACATIONING PRESIDENT [huh - he seems to be always on a break !!! }lets kick these guys out in 2006 and get the DEMS in--------- they cant do worse ---------lets monitor our govt......... also forget about O' on FOX who is balming the poor for not leaving Theywe re too poor to leave the exit palns were inadequte BUSH took care of FLA last YR but not LOUISDIANA it is RACIAL believe me IT is when it happens to PALM SPRINS or BOSTON or TEXAS whites the USA responds BUSH is NOT the mman for the job this is not politics it is adisatera nd most AMWER nT just rt wingers KNOW IT!!1!1!1

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