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August 31, 2005



Originalism is an absurd concept to begin with and it always has been, unless you believe that the men who wrote the document believed that the world stopped changing once they finished the Constitution, and considering how radical they were for their time, I think that's highly unlikely. Factor in that Scalia and Thomas never let original intent get in their way when they want to bash whatever bugs them and you can see just how ludicrous it can be.

But Chambless is just an asshole, plain and simple.


Excuse me, but what the fuck does an economics professor know about constitutional law? And if it's the same Valencia Community College that an old college friend of mine teaches at (in Orlando, FL), then Mr. Chambless doth protest too much, methinks. If he's so all-fired eager to get people out of Florida, let him be the first to leave. Preferably by heading to the nearest mental institution.


Seems to me that Article One Secton Eight doesn't specifically mention education either. Does Valencia Community College receive any federal money, I wonder, and does Chambless return any portion of his salary to the federal treasury (other than taxes) as a result of his belief in the original meaning of that Section?

Mandrillus Sphinx

Jonah Goldberg:

"...what happens after order is restored and the danger has passed is an entirely political question which should be answered through the political process. There are real issues of federalism and fairness when it comes to asking Americans to spend untold billions on the reconstruction effort. Again, I lean toward doing it because that's what great nations do. But I'd like to hear the price tag first."

So use tax dollars to rebuild New Orleans, but only if it's cheap enough.


We be sure of one thing; Jack Chambless doesn't own a vacation home in Florida. (or live on either coast, where hurricanes or earthquakes could damage HIS home.)

The cruelty and indifference of this man is appalling.


Wow! It appears Jack Chambless is not only cruel and indifferent to the suffering of his fellow Americans; he's also either a hypocrite, an idiot or both. Here's his address:

Valencia Community College
1800 South Kirkman Road
Orlando, FL 32811


I'm watching a wrap up of the events of the last week on MSNBC. It's the now famous video in which the NBC camera man tells it like it is around the N.O. Convention Center.

He's telling the audience that the people there haven't had water or food for days. Two babys, he said, have died from dehydration. My mind flashed on the Terri Schiavo case, when every right-wing nut descended on Florida (including George Bush) because they couldn't bear the thought that a women in an irreversable vegetative state was "being starved to death."

I wonder how many of those people who were so intent on keeping Terri Schiavo alive, were freaking out about the untold number of adults, the elderly and children dying of thirst, hunger and neglect in New Orleans? From his actions, Bush certainly didn't seem to be all that wigged out about it. Come to think of it, where's that great crusader for "life" Jeb Bush been?

a student of jack chambless

The "conservative," Jack Chambless, is actually a libertarian. He is neither right or left. He believes in a smaller government and the use of private charities instead of FEMA and so on. Do I support his ideas? Not entirely (I am after all a Louisiana native). However, a five minute slot never does anyone justice. I recommend David Crockett's "Not Yours to Give."


It is always charming when community college students make statements such as this.

Dear student: Do you know where the libertarian party platform lies in the political spectrum? Let me help you out for a minute here.

It is farther to the right than the Republican party platform. Libertarians are the hard-core aristocrats who want the government to do nothing except protect their private fortunes.

Oh yes, libertarians also want the right to be gay and have abortions. They exclude the religious fundamentalists from their fold and have no ambitions of global empire. Big deal. They still want the world to be ruled by dynasties who can do whatever they want, in fact they are totally absorbed in that goal to the exclusion of all other distractions. There is not one drop of collectivist altruistic blood in the libertarian party. It is one of the most extreme political parties in the country.

Of the two popular choices Democrat or Republican, which do you think libertarians vote for when they do not want to waste a vote on their own candidate? I'll give you a hint. It does not start with 'D'. They choke down their revulsion of the fundamentalist bigots and crusading zealots just long enough to check the box with 'R' because ultimately they believe in paying no taxes just like the Republicans do. Libertarians want the world to take care of itself for free, they are just as interested in the non-existent free lunch as Republicans are.

At least the Republicans are practical enough to realize that they need to appeal to weak-minded bigots and zealots to carry their intensely unpopular economic policies in the polls. Libertarians have not figured out that trick yet. Those that do figure it out convert to Republican.

Jonathan Peterson

I guess I have to go fuck myself, It's pathetic that you people are probably 10 or so years older than me and you dont even get it.

I love this quote:
"How it is that hurricane disaster relief doesn't count as the "general Welfare" I don't know."

Go ask a ninth grader. General - affecting the entire body. Did some farmer in Oklahoma get a 2000 dollar debit card from Uncle Sam? no. Hell I live in Florida and my house got messed up just like everyone else and did I get anything from the government? no. So tell me how FEMA helped the "general welfare". They took my money and gave it to someone who I have never met or care to for that matter.

GO back to high school kids.

Abi - making a "charming" comment

I think it's "charming" when people talk about being fair and kind and equal and yet they think people who attend a community college aren't as intelligent as those who attend a university. Let's think about this for a second. One of the reasons that people attend community colleges is because they don't have the means (money) to be able to attend a more expensive school such as these "superior" universities. Unless I'm totally off here money doesn't make someone intelligent. I've attended a university and while I'm back in town for my off semester I'm taking the opportunity to learn from some of the really intelligent professors that are at Valencia Community College, one of them being Jack Chambless. So was I intelligent enough to go to a university and then I lost the intelligence when I started at VCC this semester?

Another "charming" thing I noticed is how many people think they know someone from a five minute clip on TV. Just a friendly suggestion, you might want to consider getting more information instead of filling in the blanks yourself. He is a pretty good guy, though he might not come across as such to some people, and I have quite a bit of respect for him and he shows respect to those people who deserve it and even some who don't.

The article that other student mentioned "Not yours to give" by David Crockett is a really good one to read if you want to better understand what Prof. Chambless was talking about.

But then again, I'm attending a community college so what do I know?

Abi - making another "charming" comment

Oh I also suggest learning a little bit more about the libertarian party before making such comments. Again... Just a friendly suggestiong.


I live in florida, and my house was damaged and I didn't get one cent from the government. Nor do I think I should get any. If I wasn't willing to accept resposibility of my state choice then I would ask the government for help. In my opinion, self responsibility is a GOOD thing. Professor Chambless wasn't saying not to help them at all, simply to let it be done through charity. I think most people would be willing to give some to those in need. I would, but how is it fair to money to be taken from me without my consent and give it to others?

I guess you're all just socialists who depend on daddy government to provide for you so you can sit around and not make anything for yourself.

"Not Yours to Give" is a great book- Read it!

And yes, I do agree that it is sad that us supposedly ignorant community college students are able to see things more clearly and be more self sufficient.

One more thing- Jack Chambless is not a conservative, he is a liberatarian...look up the definition

George Romero

Here come the zombies brain-washed by their dear "Professor Chambless." As they blunder mindlessly forth with arms extended and a blank expression in their eyes, they shout the senseless and numbing cry of all new libertarian zombies: "Cato... Institute... need more Cato Institute!"


I'm glad to see some people are defending one of the greatest professors I've ever had. To those of you who are quick to insult a man whom you've never known nor heard for more then 15 minutes, your arrogance is astounding. Although, I expect nothing more or less from socialist, left-winged, closed-minded people, such as that.

I am from New Orleans and I now live in Orlando. I do not believe one dime of our tax $$ should go to rebuild my beloved city, but charity should and will. The problem is that people do not want to accept responsibility for their choices and actions and because of this they give up liberties. Reagan once said the government is not the solution, it's the problem, and I agree.

Not a Moron

wow, some real morons on these internetz these dsays. Spouting off crap left and right. You bleeding heart morons are lucky you didn't live in a free America. An America before income taxes, Butler vs the US, and other landmark decisions that lead to our right as Americans being eroded. Before 1935 they (New orlanders,err New Orlinians,err people from New Orlands) wouldve been told to go fuck themselves when they knocked on the white house door with thier hand out. Perhpas you should've purchased insurance. Too poor huh? Perhpas you shouldn't live in part of the country that is basically a giant bowl? But nooo, no one assumes personal responsibility, they would much rather have mommy and daddy government bail them out. This country was once ranked first on the scal of economic fereedom, now we are 4th, and are decending. He is right though, the founding fathers did intend for America to be free, and a land where the poor can be come rich because there is motivation and freedom to do so. Which seems to be his point. Motivation. Give smomeone a welfare check, they arent gonna bust thier ass 40 hrs a week for only a little more pay when they got a check coming to them for nothing right now. Some thing in Katrina, give them money to rebuild, they are gonna take it and now have no reason to leave. If your parents never made you/encouraged you to take your training wheels off, you likely never would've. The guys (probably) not heartless, hes just saying if you remove motivation to change, then people won't change, and the problem (people dieing and the city getting detroyed), won't change either.

run the streets myself

I was a student of Prof Chamass he would suck bill o'riely in second and then bill would stick a sock in his mouth to shut him the hell up. Prof is weak minded and hides out in his office, his opinion is worthless unless you are a follower.


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