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August 04, 2005



Michael, while I think you definitely have a point, I see the other side of what Schmidt's saying.

It reminds me of something I heard recently. I was at a rather large farewell dinner for a few of my friends and well represented were both R's and D's. I heard something spew forth from the most vocal conservative there that really sort of gave me an understanding of why statements like the above don't strike me as all that odd. He said in response to a question about his views on the "War on Terror",

"At the end of the day, all I'm really concerned about is my family, the price of my gas, and the government taking less out of my paycheck. Is the war horrible? Sure, but what am I supposed to do about it? I have enough to worry about as it is."

While I see Schmidt's comments as irresponsible (in speaking for the whole of her constituency), I have a sense of what she's saying and I think there's a lot of truth in it for a lot of people. Not the majority, necessarily, but a significant number of people. Many people have terrible long term memory retention, especially when the memories comprise things that don't directly involve them. Ask a random guy or gal from Ohio in a month how many soldiers died - how many do you think are going to remember? That said, I believe most people are focused on issues happening at home, to them, almost exclusively.

Myself, I have been and am vehemently opposed to the war. And even though I think about it every day, along with people who are dying thousands of miles away in bomb blasts, natural disasters or unremitting famine... I have to say there is so much going on here that needs our attention that I, for one, am a little overwhelmed at times. So I guess what I'm saying is: regarding these specific statements, I have a hard time saying she's wrong, but an easy time calling her callous and emotionally dead and/or constipated.

An aside: regarding those local issues and the way they're handled (especially tax reform), you're right on. I believe the way we are currently addressing these issues as a nation is teetering economic equilibrium and rewarding those which need it the least. It has me wondering whether or not the ruling party simply needs to spend a christmas in whoville, or if it needs to take a grade school refresher course on the meaning of arithmetic operators (er, dem pluses and minuses). And decimal points. Definitely decimal points.

But I digress.

Mary Grace Horensky

Please don't lump all Ohio with the likes of Ms Schmidt. I live in Ohio,the Cleveland area near Brookpark,and believe me there are a lot of us out here that truly care about this bogus war. We also care about the slaughter of our military and the people of Iraq brought about by this idiot in the White House. So once more on Sept.24th I along with my daughter and three grandsons will travel to Washington for the 4th time to protest Bush's war. No I am not a wild hippie type but a 72 yr. old grandmother worried about my grandchildren and all the other children being sucked into this folly.


Wow. Brutal. Beautiful.

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