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August 09, 2005



This is rhetoric worthy of republicans.

Precisely, and it's high time we stopped just taking it and started dishing it back out. Yes, it lowers the level of discourse, but frankly, I'm tired of being called a baby-killer just because I think the right to privacy is more important than their misguided opinion about when life begins.

the exile

No, I'm with Michael on this. Every fighter knows that if you sucker-punch your opponent or go below the belt, you damn well better be sure that your first shot leaves him incapacitated. Because if you fight dirty but poorly, you're toast. If we collectively decided to bring Roberts down, we maybe could do it. It would take a well-coordinated barrage designed to destroy the man entirely. The French Fry case might be a good starting point, but NARAL's piece of crap is not. If we've decided not to try to sink Roberts because Bush would surely follow up with someone worse, then lets keep the debate on the up-and-up so that the Rethugs can't point to our sins to justify their far worse ones.

The problem is that you can't get NARAL to coordinate with whichever strategy the Democrats decide on (assuming they could decide). In some ways, that is the inevitable downside of the fact that unlike the Rethug army of dittoheads and astroturf front groups, we actually HAVE a grassroots base that can't simply be told what to do (witness NARAL's totally counterproductive endorsement of Chafee). Part of me wants us to fight like the Rethugs, but part of me admits that we can't because we are different, and the price of becoming like them must be weighed against the benefits.

On this specific example, though, it's a no-brainer. NARAL has acheived nothing except to give a weapon to the enemy. It's like a street fight I once saw in Peru-- a weakling pulled out a tire iron to try to intimidate his stronger antagonist. In seconds the other man had pulled the tire iron out of his hand. The weakling ran like he's never run in his life. Lets not be pulling out the metaphorical tire irons unless we are ready and willing to use them, and use them with deadly force.

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