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July 17, 2005


Ronald Rutherford

While I will assume you are against the whole "Straight Camp", I take away from this post that "Zero Tolerance" of any form and persuasion leads to stupid decisions being made. While in this case they wanted to limit outside influences they may have eliminated influences that may actually help the process of learning.
There are many examples of good policies going awry in Zero Tolerance in violence (toy guns) in schools or drugs (aspirin) or even certain color of clothes (whatever the local gang colors are).
So whenever we hear the phrase ... just cover our ears and scream.

Mrs. Coulter

It's all in Latin or German. That is so gay.

Dan Nexon

I can only guess that "Straight Camp" has something against Lutherans. Too high Church?

Nah. They just don't understand the difference between Baroque and Romantic...


The striking thing about this so-called 'straight camp' is that they are not really involed in a heterosexual brainwashing as much as they are involved in a religious brainwashing. Shameless self-promotion upon the backs of the downtrodden seems to me to be about as un-Christlike as they could possibly get.


Wasn't that stuff written for the CATHOLIC church? From what I can tell these farout Christians impersonators don't think Catholics are Christians either. So Bach doesn't count!


no, no, Bach was Lutheran. but I think the Lutheran liturgy was modeled heavily on the Catholic one, at least back then. so maybe he doesn't count.


That's like saying Moses or Abraham don't count because they were Jews... At the very least Leviticus was by no means Christian, but it is his book that fundies use to point out god's abhorrence of homosexuality.

So, whether Bach may have written for a Lutheran church instead of a Catholic one is of little consequence to the fundies... They'll follow the teachings of any religion that will underscore their own paranoid fears.

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