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May 23, 2005


the exile

I mostly agree.

winners: 1) the "moderates" including turncoats Nelson and Lieberman, and of course McCain.
2) the Washington press and punditry, who have advocated "compromise" with a mindboggling lack of balance or objectivity. Their meme that the moderates have now triumphed over the extremists of BOTH parties will get constant play. It's a crock and it makes me mad as hell. There was only one extremist party here.
3) Bush, not just because he gets judges who he should have taken out of the running long ago (thus rewarding his criminal stubbornness), but also because this loss for Dobson strengthens his freedom to maneuver, even if the theocons will bitch and moan.
True, Dobson and Frist lost, but given the winners I list above, it's hard to see this as good for us.
However, in order to beat the "moderation won out over the extremists on both sides" meme, I think Democrats should loudly embrace the compromise in public, so that America only hears Republican voices whining. Meantime, Dems must privately understand that this was a loss, not a win, and that it is the beginning of the battle, not the end.

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