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April 29, 2005


the exile

Dobson et al will have no trouble with what Bush said, because Bush still repeated the talking points canard that Democrats want judges who "legislate from the bench" instead of "interpreting the law," while republicans allegedly don't. This is the crock of sh*t that they all agree on. The disagreement is merely over the REASON WHY democrats want to legislate from the bench; are they "against people of faith" or do they just have an "activist judicial philosophy"? This is a trivial distinction. The big lie (that republican judges are not activist and democratic judges are) remains unchallenged by Bush, unchallenged by Dobson, and unchallenged by the idiot press corps. Meanwhile the most radical group of judges in history continues to get appointed and continues to push the country toward theocracy. Until we successfully discredit the way they distort this idea of "activist judges," the repugs stay on message and we continue to lose. Sorry for the pessimism, but that's my reading.

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