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April 30, 2005



Is Horowitz working for Powerline now, or are Horowitz and Assrocket (I prefer his nickname) merely the same person, because this sounds an awful lot like what Horowitz and FrontPageMag did to Michael Berube a few weeks ago. Horowitz and Berube were engaged in an email debate for publication, FrontPage cut a significant percentage of Berube's replies and then berated him for being shallow. Fortunately, berube had copies of everything, posted them on his own website, and got Frontpage to issue a retraction, for what little that's worth.

Creative use of ellipsis has been SOP for the right for a while now--Krauthammer's an absolute master at it--so I guess what Assrocket did is the next logical step. In an offhand way, it reminds me of what happens when you run a sentence through several languages in the google translator--the final product is about as close to the original as this was.

the exile

This is Strauss's legacy. He took Goebbels' "big lie" and renamed it the "noble lie" and thus put a whole generation of rethugs at ease with their consciences. Sound too simple-minded? Well the one brilliant part of the idea was that they were the first of the two political parties to figure out that the press would react to the big (sorry, noble) lie by playing he-said-she-said. From that point on (I date it to 1980), it was game over for us.

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