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March 16, 2005



If you don't mind doing it, i don't think it's a waste of time being done. maybe Hugh Hewitt should see this, as he seems to be the biggest salesman of the "self-correcting" myth.


You need to keep a copy of the posts at Powerline because they may change them (or the URL may change). Probably ought to keep a copy of Coulter's post too. You should probably track down the NYT editorial too if you can. Your "I post a response" link doesn't go to the article btw.

Note that Coulter did name names (in contradiction to what Powerline stated) in her article and otherwise specify the people she was refering to:

Has John Kerry had lunch with his pal Mary Cheney lately? What ever happened to Newt Gingrich's gay half-sister?

...a website reporter for supposedly operating a gay escort service...

I'm not sure I'd push the "lie" aspect since after all's said and done they were just shiling for Coulter, and the lie itself is trivial enough. I would present it as a matter of character.

Now the next step is presumably to get more people to contact Powerline. Afterall they did at least respond to you. Possibly if more people raised the question they would conceed more. I would be interested in knowing what they meant when they claimed that even if they did have it wrong about the meaning of "out" the NYT was still "deplorable". How so? What exactly is deplorable about that? Do they mean that talking about gay people is "deplorable" in itself?


It must have been a lot of trouble, but I agree that the results are worth it.

Have you sent a copy of this to Time magazine? Their feet could use some toasting if they don't back off from their earlier opinion of P'line.

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