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March 22, 2005



If the wingnuts were to make a retraction, it would mean that they were able to both read and comprehend what was written. I have my doubts that they're able to do either.


As Thom Hartmann likes to put it: "The Radical Middle".

the exile

If what Milbank says is true, then we are in worse shape than I thought. I always figured the so-called liberal media was in fact liberal personally and tended to vote democratic, and that is why they slanted so far to the right in their reporting, stupidly overcompensating for their perception of their own bias. If Milbank regularly votes republican, then his rightward slant makes even LESS sense to me. Not to mention that fact that it proves he is an idiot. In this polarized society, how can a truly politically aware person possibly go back and forth? OK, voting against Gore in 2000 maybe I can get-- the MSM hated Gore and Clinton's peace and prosperity lulled people into thinking that the election didn't really count for much. But no way a truly thinking person could vote Clinton 1992 and then either Dole 1996 or Bush 2004. No way. Maybe Perot or Poppy 1992, Clinton 1996, Bush 2000, Kerry 2004? Does that work?

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