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March 29, 2005



makes sense. they're looking for a reason to hunt liberals. suddenly correlation is causation for them.

Academia seems to be headed for trouble with this mess. I'm worried for it, honestly. I mean, it sounds like they're going to push for some sort of "affirmative action for conservatives" or something. Hell, hasn't Horowitz already done that!?

There seems to be a frighteningly anti-intelectual side to thise debate as well, especially in the "creationist" mess.



Thanks for posting this, Michael. I hit the roof when I saw the headline and clawed into the upper floor as I read the story.

What in the world... as if conservatives didn't need their own self-serving venues, Kurtz has to report on it as if Lefties on campuses had raised the hammer and sickle and declared Soviet republics.

*grr* *grumble* *grr*

Academia pays diddly when compared to all the other careers that require similar investments of brainpower and talent. I'd love to see conservatives flock into universities... they'd be clamoring for union representation and pay raise/benefit negotiations in a heartbeat.

Done venting... back to my coursework.


Michael and Heather,

I'd be honored if you read the piece that I posted during feministe's last Open Blog Wednesday:

Sorry Horowitz, Academics Won’t Shill for the Right

It addresses Horowitz's attempt to pass the Academic Bill of Rights here in Indiana. I hope I did the subject some justice. Thanks.

And just wait for my latest piece. It's on Hindrocket's latest contribution to the Weekly Standard. I'll send you a link when it's up (probably tonight).

David Weigel

I remember reading that 97% of military officers are Republicans. Agree to a trade: affirmative action to increase the number of Republicans in colleges in exchange for a corresponding increase in the number of Democrats in the military brass.


Since I am not involved in any way with academia, nor in the simple process of being a decent human being, I'll say what we're all tiptoing around here:

Stupid people tend to be conservative. Smart people tend to be liberals.

Is this a hard and fast rule? Most certainly not, but it is damn near always the case. Just as stupid people are far more likely to be involved in the snakehandling wing of Christianity, so are they more likely to be political assholes. Education tends to require a certain intellectual rigor that most conservatives simply don't have...the primary exceptions being The Alpha Con, those very educated and bright cons that are cons because they stand to gain from it personally and don't care about how poisonous their ideology might be.

If there is one thing that will not help our cause in a debate about bias in academia it's a "we're smarter than you because we know more" attitude.

Actually, you have it backwards. We know more because we are smarter.

To develop liberal attitudes requires a limber brain. Inflexibility of thought is a sign of reduced capacity to learn, combined with a reduced capacity to distinguish reality from fantasy. This in turn leads to an inability to adapt to things such as population pressure and its resulting ecological decline.

This is exactly why Republicans are drawn to fanatical religions. They are at once incapable of perceiving the hyonotic spells they are being subjected to by charismatic mesmerists, and unduly influenced by them as a result of their inability to perceive the manipulation they are being subjected to.

They can perceive that the world is coming to an end as they know it, but incapable of devising an effectively designed and rational response to the situation. They prefer to pretend that ignorant savages from thousands of years ago somehow had more insight into our contemporary problems than our university professors with Ph.D. degrees in the sciences do.

This inability to distinguish between the reasoning capacity and power of prediction that arises from the use of instrumentation versus the comparable imaginary prescience possessed by stinky, disease-ridden downtrodden ancients who lived in an age where eyeglasses were unheard of is precisely why it is imperative that fundamentalist idiots be controlled and restrained from gaining power. This was the whole point between separation of church and state in the first place. It was to keep the lala-land idiots from convincing us all to blind ourselves.

You must read Isaac Asimov's book Nightfall. The story is a perfect allegory for the abandonment of reason and the chaos that results.


Doesn't this go somewhere along the line that it's inconvenient for a repressive regime of any stripe to have people realize what's up ? I grew up paranoid enough not to believe for one moment that the minions of the police state don't survey blogland too. Hi guys.

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