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March 04, 2005







Finally a dog... I'm so sick of the cat blogging..
..but then again, the whole jeff gannon reference doesn't sit well. :-)
(I'm gonna have to do some saturday dog blogging)

Shakespeare's Sister

Jeff Gannon edition - LOL!

Jim Norton

Hey, I already used that title. And iit was for a look at something by Ann Coulter!



Jim, I read that piece on Ann Coulter you wrote. Very well done. It's too bad she still gets to publish, but she does get worse and worse as the years go by.

I'm shocked that she would just attack environmentalists outright without realizing how many hunters, fishermen, and other decidedly conservative groups could be called "environmentalists".

Also, a note on language: Have you noticed that the Limbaughs and Coulters of the world hardly ever refer to environmentalists as "conservationists"? I think this is to keep their audience from thinking that "conservatives" should conserve the environment. Any thoughts on that?

Jim Norton

Thanks. Here is my opinion: The Limbaughs of the world don't think we need any conservation, so conservation/environmentalism must be a scam. Also, environmentalism (to them) is a liberal cause, so by disproving environmentalism they are also disproving liberalism.

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