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March 04, 2005



She knew it was a lie and they knew it was a lie too. What kind of idiot doesn't know it's a lie? These people lie to themselves and lie to their friends. They lie when they open their mouth and when they close it. Lying is their natural languange and that is why no Republican is ever going to worry about any of this.

Leah A

What a thoroughly smart thing to have done.

Document the atrocity.

You did. More people should.


Powerline isn't just partisan, it's committment to the rightness of its own point of view about every issue in the known world is so total that you have to reach back to Soviet journalism to find any equivalent. What the Powerline guys present are neither facts or opinions, it is propoganda, pure and simple.

Always Confused

Read Tim Noah's article on bullshit in Slate. It is all bullshit, or polemic if you choose to yell it in church. The bottom line..they do not care if it is true. If the issue becomes hot, they say "just kidding" (see Congressman Johnson from Texas). My favorite example of this is Cheney's appearance on Limbaugh just after Richard Clarke's first appearance on 6o Minutes. He lied and lied and lied some more. The true believers neeed to hear the lies. They can perhaps, under duress, be corrected later, after they have taken hold as holy writ.


I am as partisan as the rest, and I know that Al Franken is too. But regardless, his polemical book "Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them" shows that the Right has a culture of disinformation, and that this episode is but another case in their ever increasing battle against reality and truth.


You should also trackback one or both of these posts to the Powerline post. If they refuse to acknowledge their own inaccuracies, at least their readers will have to face the truth.

here's what's left

yeah, i tried. but their trackback thingy doesn't seem to be working. don't know what the deal is.


even worse, if it were true, the "problem" is not that we are attacking or harming gay people, we are only pointing out that the gay repubbblicans are subject to attack or harm from their own consitutency.

in other words, it's only a problem (being gay) in the minds of the repubbblicans.

the repubbbs have no trouble holding blacks accountable for black-on-black crime, insisting blacks deal with that before addressing white-on-black oppression.

why can't the repubbbs deal with repubbb-on-gay-repubbb crime (bigotry)?

because they are hypocritical *ssh*les, that's why.

Eva Young

I'm a moderate republican, and in my opinion, the Powerline boys are a huge embarrassment. That post saying Evolution was a fraud was the epitome of stupidity. I'm not surprised they are ignoring your email.

If you really want to get to them, comment on some of the other Northern Alliance blogs. I'd suggest commenting on Mitch Berg's blog - http://www.shotinthedark.info.

Also, when you send them email, send copies - so they know you are sending copies to other blogger colleagues - such as Instapundit, Captain Ed, Ourhouse blog etc.

You might want to send copies of the email to reporters who have covered Powerline Blog: Nick Coleman (ncoleman@startribune.com), Toni Coleman (tcoleman@pioneerpress.com) - do a news search for Powerline - then copy the reporters who quoted them in your email.

That's the way to make them more accountable.


They finally issued a correction:

You may want to add this as an update to this post.


Two corrections in one day--could they be reaching some level of actual responsiblity over there? Doubt it.


I think it may well be fear of libel or slander, or maybe just total loss of credibility. Nice work Michael.

here's what's left

read the update guys.

matthew stojkovic

Fuck you liberal pussies. When the fucking Muslim throat cutters round up the last Americans, you'll be screaming "at least I'm not racist" right before they slit your fucking throat.

Goddamn you and FuuuuuuuuuuuuCKKKKK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

so gay in the world

I'm gay but my girlfriend does not know it, that's cool

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