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February 28, 2005



So what's the right decision--run or not run?


I will come right out and say it, from a financial management perspective the way SS is structured is totally ridiculous. Go to any business school and try and find just 1 professor to defend setting up a social insurance program in the form of a ponzi scheme where surplus monies are spent to fund programs by those in charge of overseeing the program.

I am at a loss to why an entire political party wants to keep a program completely in tact that is purely a ponzi scheme that is imploding on itself. I guess we can either call you the "see no problem, hear no problem, speak no problem" party or the ostrich party. Burying your heads in the sand, pulling your covers over your head, or tightly closing your eyes will not fix Social Securities structural flaws.


If there is any ponzi scheme out there, it is the radical right's faith-based treasury pilfering initiatives.

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