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February 28, 2005



Here's my answer, in Rude Pundit fashion.

He and Falwell and Robertson are where they are every time this administration treats them like the bitches they are--cowering in the fucking corner hoping to Jesus that their true believer idiot followers don't hear about it and charge the fucking castle with their faggot-burning pitchforks.


Rude Pundit tells of the Agape Press, something I had not heard of. Agape Press? WTF!?!?!?!? They aren't satisfied with their raping of the English language, so now they're destroying New Testament era Greek, also? Dammit to hell. These guys represent the exact opposite of the idea of agape.


Agape Press was a surprise. I figured it'd be a normal book-publisher. But a, a, a fuckin' news organization? So what does their name mean, that they're a news company that loves unconditionally? that loves news no matter what?

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