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February 21, 2005


Musing Michael

Sorry guys, the rules aren't any different just because you're republican.

Of course they are, Michael. At least in their minds. But we're not going to let them get away with that, are we?


Is that lie (that the photos of Guckert nude were "found" and posted to the internet) the usual Republican defence then? Priceless.

Musing Michael

DB: Of course. We all know that no self-respecting born-again Republican would ever pose in the nude, much less post those pictures on a publicly accessible website. And certainly not next to anything so crass as a posted schedule of rates, hourly and otherwise.


So, where is dmeyers? I expect that person to chime in any time defending the rights of homosexuals to free speech and dignity, now that the secret is out that Republicans are in bed with the faggots too.

(... silence... )


I am simply amazed. After how many weeks and you all continue to talk about Mr. Guckert's sexual preference. Why are you all so obsessed with the fact that he is gay? What relevence to any of this does him being gay have? To me it shows how desparate and out of touch you all are if discovering that a conservative is gay and once was an escort...

Hey, maybe we should check if he ever rented a room at Barney Frank's pad..

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