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February 28, 2005



Any links to the Republican bill? I can imagine what it includes, based on their history on issues like immigration reform and the actions of the Kansas AG toward late-term abortions, but I'd like a little info before I officially blow a gasket.

here's what's left

no, i can't find a link, but i'll look around some. i did find this position paper (PDF) by the Republican Policy Committee, which includes some choice tidbits you might be interested in.


Yep--that's about what I expected. You know, in Canada, you don't have to actually register to vote. It happens when you're born or when you gain your citizenship. That seems pretty simple to me, but hey, the Republicans are far more interested in making sure that only the people who will vote for them are registered actually cast their votes and get them counted.


If the Democratic Party could raise enough money to buy up the voting equipment, then the Republicans would suddenly be interested in accountability.


I imagine that if someone--say, George Soros--bought out Diebold or ES&S, suddenly those companies would lose their contracts to provide electronic voting equipment.


I think that republicans actually are concerned about voter fraud, the likes we are currently seeing in the state of Washington. Funny how I hear nothing but the sounds of crickets from those on the Left regarding the fiasco that was King County in the Washington state Governor's race.

I think republicans also feel that not allowing felons to vote is a good thing. It doesn't bother me one bit that rapists, murders, child molestors, etc lose their right to vote.

But, hey, be my guest and run in 2008 standing shoulder to shoulder with all of the rapists, murderers, and child molestors who have lost their right to vote.

I actually do not think it too much to ask that voters need to show proof that they are American citizens and show proof via ID that they are who they claim to be.

If you need an ID to get on a plane or open up a bank account why is it too much to ask to show an id to vote?


I agree that everyone should show an ID to vote. Not only that, but everyone should also show an ID when they are denied their right to vote, to prove that the right person is being denied.

Apparently Republicans in Florida feel that it is all right to deny anyone the right to vote, as long as their last name happens to be African American, or at least starts with the first four letters of an African American name that belongs to a convicted felon.

Apparently Republicans also feel that it is all right to deny citizens the right to vote even if their rights have been legally restored after having paid their debt to society. Republicans seem to believe in permanent retribution. Sort of like hell. Is that what you want, dmeyers? You want all convicted felons to go to hell - before they die?

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