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January 25, 2005



I agree it was a silly comment. I suspect it was a calculated move, to somehow gain minority support. If blacks think there might be something extra in it for them, they will start paying serious attention....

On the life expectancy for blacks... yes, whites do outlive blacks. Whites also score higher on IQ tests than blacks. Asians and Jews score higher than either blacks or whites. Blacks also tend to be better basketball players (and sprinters)than either whites, Jews, or Asians. Yet you don't see blacks winning Jeopardy.

Indians have a very poor alcohol tolerance. They also get diabetes much more than whites. So do blacks. Blacks get sickle cell anemia much more than other races.

There are many differences in races. Life expectancy is just one of many. I'm surprised Bush would admit this in the politically correct world he lives in.

Here's something eles about blacks. 70 percent of black children are born out of wedlock. You can thank the liberal welfare state of the past 40 years for destroying their family units.


Here's another factoid Buckshot: 25% of children born in wedlock aren't fathered by the husband.

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