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January 31, 2005


Musing Michael

I have to wonder how carefully constructed those adult surveys were, too. I mean, if they just flatly asked respondents whether they supported the First Amendment without any double-checking or repeat questioning using slightly different wording, I'd be very surprised if the support figures didn't turn out to be on the high side. The high school students' answers are probably reasonably accurate (at least within the survey's margin of error), but the adults' responses are probably going to be influenced by a perception that there's a "right" answer, and not wanting to give a wrong one. Unless the survey corrected for that.

Because when you get right down to it, an awful lot of adults don't seem to think the First Amendment is all that cool, either. Look at how often they've tried to pass some kind of pornography filter on the Internet, despite the fact that the ink on the president's signature never has time to dry before a federal court challenge is filed (and always granted). And how many people think the Patriot Act is just fine and dandy?

The funny thing is, I felt a lot freer in France than I do in America these days, and they don't have anything like our Bill of Rights. I'd love to see the Chicago Tribune putting an editorial cartoon like the one from Le Monde I photographed here on its front page (or even on its editorial page), but I doubt they would. And if they did find the intestinal fortitude somewhere, I don't doubt that there would be whole hordes of people writing in to excoriate them for their bad taste in failing to give the preznit their full support.


I really wouldn't worry about those numbers. They are pretty meaningless without evidence of a trend. 83% sounds high, so do the others. Where's the evidence that kids of 25 or 50 years ago would have answered any different?

Apparently half the kids thought that the media needs to get permission from the government before printing anything..... smart bunch. Now if only the left could figure out that's the way things work.... Of course it was phrased as "should...?" but I imagine alot answered as if it asked "Does...?" They are basically just saying what happens; the media these days really does only print what Bush says it can.


Well michael, I know we've had our differences in the past, but this one I agree.

I think that people especially teens become trapped in their quest for non conformity, being rebelious. In seeking to break past the system they trap themselves in a self created system.

Or it could just be a historical trend. Perhaps they are too worn out for seeking to break the cycle.


It is obvious that United States schoolchildren must be genetically predisposed towards ignorance.

Sorry, I just thought it strange that Buckwit had not commented on this one, so I figured I would chip in for him.


This is not surprising. What with all the "left behind" people out there.

Way before we had a clever tag line, America's educational system was failing miserably.

We are not just talking about Math and English. I am talking about Geography, History, and Civics.

The parents of these kids were clueless. The kids are clueless. And now, teachers are only concerened with the the scores of tests on the basic "R's".

Not surprising. Not at all.

But very, very sad.

It's no wonder we have a county where people believe in "intelligent design" and a PresiDummy named George.

They are too stupid to know anything else.

They have been horribly "left behind!"

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