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November 12, 2004



Good luck, Michael. Ask for next to nothing and expect absolutely nothing.

Go ahead, 'd', spin this one, you lying freak. Your party is tearing itself in two and now has to rig the vote to get elected. The American Christian Taliban is calling in all its debts.

Your party will have no choice but to bow down to the extremists or lose their support to a third party right-wing candidate in 2008. Cheney will be on life support or dead by then.

The rest of the civilized world is aghast at the current administration, and even more horrified that idiots like you voted for it twice. And you think progressives are in trouble? Think again.

d meyers

I do distinguish what interest groups/commentators say and what politicians say. There are a million interests groups/commentators out their on both sides and many say really stupid things at times. I really don't give much time condemning what interest groups/commentators say because it would be a full time job.

Of course the comment made by Family Policy Network is outrageous. I don't think politicians should be spending their time condeming what people say because that is all they would be doing.

In the past week I have read many outrageous comments by Maureen Dowd, Krugman, Smiley (I believe in Slate), Lawrence O'Donnel, Bill Marher (sp?) and I take them with a grain of salt because there are nutcases on both sides. All these people/groups are expressing their opinions and not making policy. Now you may argue that certain groups have undue influence on the politicians when they are making policy and that is a fine argument.

It is completely different if a politician says nutty things and politicians should be called to account for their nutty statements. I have no problem condemning what a politician says or does but personally I don't spend much time worrying about what outside groups are saying. I know many of you scour the news wires looking for these choice tidbits and if you want to do that that is fine. What all these groups are saying don't bother me that much because in a free society we will have voices from all sides and beliefs and each and everyone of us must use our own filters to sift through it all.

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