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October 13, 2004



Channel 13 in New York (PBS) ran an in depth profile of the two candidates last night. It was fascinating and balanced (though I’m sure today’s conservatives will find fault with it). Part of what the piece spoke about was the way Rove uses personal attacks as a mainstay in his campaigns. He did it with Bush in the Texas gubernatorial race, during the 2000 primaries and election, and now with this latest campaign. Isn’t it interesting that not only are republican allegations towards democrats so similar and formulaic (not to say substantive) no matter whom the candidate is, but Bush’s attacks on all his opponents also begin to sound alike. Have we forgotten the slanderous things that were said about Ann Richards and John McCain? The dirty tricks played against McCain rub both democrats and republicans the wrong way because they are supposedly in the same party, on the same team. These tactics prove Bush is NOT , “a uniter, not a divider.” Politics is a dirty business, but these guys sink to a new low.

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