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September 25, 2004


d meyers

I wonder how much effort CBS put in determining if the documents were forged? They don't have a very good track record do they.... The problem CBS got itself into with the Bush National Guard Documents Stonewall is they have lost the one thing a news media needs to be taken seriously and that is CREDIBILITY. After the document fiasco CBS is looked at in the same view as the National Enquirer is. They made their own bed with the phony story HIT piece on Bush and now they have no credibility so they cannot act like a credible news media now. I FEEL SO BAD FOR CBS, boo hoo.

CBS should run the story on just where these supposed "forged documents" about Niger came from. Maybe they should explore all the intelligence agencies that were claiming that Iraq was attempting to acquire yellow cake. Maybe they should detail if the documents were the only reason why all the other agencies were claiming the attempt to acquire yellow cake or was that just one piece of the pie.

d meyers

what the hell is CBS thinking?? the segment on last nights evening news on the "Draft" is another journalistic abortion...

Peddling internet hoax emails is amazing given the Bush National Guard fiasco...

what to go Dan... remember the first rule of Holes, "When you are in a hole, stop digging"

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