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September 15, 2004


d meyers

You are correct, her book is a big pile of GARBAGE and totally junk. Must be nice to be able to get so much media attention for a book full of junk...

Given the pile of BS she is hawking it was sure nice of the Today Show to feature her for 3 straight days..... Still waiting for the Today show to interview John O'Neil.


Nice d... way to stay on topic.

Michael's post was not about the media's coverage of the book or John O'Neill, not about the book's content. He hasn't read it. Have you? How can you call it garbage if you have not?


Still waiting for the Today show to interview John O'Neil.

Poor John O'Neill, getting snubbed by a show that's on in the morning when most people are at work and that currently features such penetrating topics as "Zero-gravity flights go mainstream," "Cojo: How celebs say ‘I love you’ and more…" and of course the groundbreaking and ultra thought-provoking "Paris Hilton tells all, with a wink, in new book."

Michael is talking about serious news shows and you're boo-hooing about the friggin Today Show. And you accuse us of whining. Sheesh.

d meyers

I knew I would rile you all up with that post. Honestly, Kitty Kelly means absolutely nothing to me. I could care less about her.

Honestly, I wish every News agency in America would spotlight her and let her spout her garbage. She is about as significant as the bug that smashed into my windshield on the way to work this morning...

I just enjoy observing how the cable and network tv and news shows conduct their business. I like observing what is shown, who is shown, what is not shown and who is not shown. No big deal

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