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September 29, 2004


d meyers

maybe I am just noticing it more now but O'Reilly is getting more and more into himself lately. He has begun referring to himself in the third person and anyone who talks about themselves in the third person has a bit of an ego problem.

I saw the Stewart interview and he kept hammering on the "stoned slacker" audience and it seemed a bit strange.

O'Reilly of course has a big ego but it seems to be growing everyday

here's what's left

yeah, i've never understood the deal with o'reilly. his show does in fact seem to be all about his ego. he says not very well-informed things that seem to make everyone mad, and even though i think he's pretty right-wing, he doesn't adhere to right-wing ideology in the way that say, hannity does or someone. instead, he chooses the weirdest things about bush to support.

but people seem to eat up his show. i don't get it. now i do.

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