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September 29, 2004



Two things to note on this post:

As mediamatters.org writes (http://mediamatters.org/items/200409280009), Bush's expectations (and these expectations were fostered by the media) were so low coming into the 2000 debate compared to Gore that just displaying knowledge on his part became the story. A quote from CBS (from the article):

Well, I think, clearly tonight, if anyone gained from this debate, it was George Bush because he showed that people will argue back and forth over the positions they took, but, clearly, he seemed to have as much of a grasp of the issues as -- as Al Gore did tonight. So in that sense, I think Bush gained a lot [CBS News presidential debate coverage, 10/3/00].

There are many other interesting quotes from that article. Now, what's interesting this year is to take those quotes and replace Bush's "command of the issues" with Kerry's "flip-flopping." If Kerry comes out and basically says what you suggest above, as well as being firm on any other issue coming at him, then that could be this year's media focus. That could be neat.

Secondly, the use of a dead mood to finish a post which previously mentioned the culture/language where that mood was prevalent is brilliant. Furthermore, the use of that mood in this culture/language has been perpetuated by those who believe the previously mentioned culture/language to be the perfect one. Brilliant.


How I hope and pray that he responds this way, and resorts to some good old fashion mud slinging when Dumbya goes down this path.

He waffles on positions too.

d meyers

The anaysis of the debate will make us all sick.. Kerry has the toughest job tonight. The dynamics of a debate of an incumbent Pres. vs challenger is different than a debate between 2 challengers, as in 2000. I honestly believe there is very little Bush can do that will harm him. Everybody in the nation already has their opinion of Bush and he won't do anything to change that.

Kerry almost has to change the perception people have of him. Whether the perception is legit or not is immaterial, he is known as a flip flopper and he has to convince people he is not. I don't expect the moderator to press either Bush or Kerry so I don't expect Kerry to be pressed on his positions. I actually thought Dianne Sawyer did a decent interview with Kerry, she followed up quite a bit.

In the end, Kerry has the toughest job tonight and lets hope he does not resemble an Ooompa Loompa or that will be the focus of the analysis.


Watching FOX right now (am I crazy). The pre-spin cites Kerry's spray-on tan and his manicure today. So Kerry will try to change the perception but even before he opens his mouth... Of course it is FOX.

d meyers

with 24 hr news channels that is what you get at times...

you have to admit Oompa Loompa man was quite funny. I mean, what the hell happened to Kerry??? Sun tans are not orange.. You think he has a new makeup person??

just some good, meaningless fun.

Kerry does need to keep metro-sexual man under wraps. Manicures are not the image of a strong leader.

d meyers


what's up with the lipstick and blush Kerry was wearing last night?

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