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September 30, 2004



Neat analysis. Very thorough.

d meyers

I just turned to PBS and Jim Lehrer is still asking questions about Iraq... I know that is the major issue but it seemed like 1 hour on Iraq was a bit long...

saying Sadaam had nothing to disarm is a very weak argument. Kerry is not going to win saying Sadaam didn't have WMD's because there are mass graves filled with gassed Iraqi's.

Did most everyone believe he had WMDs? Of course. Did we find stockpiles? NO. Where did they go?? I sure would like to know.

Was there any gaffes tonight?? I didn't see any... I don't think the debate swayed many people. Kerry people liked what they saw, Bush people liked what they saw...

Since we are a sound bite world what was the best 10 word or less sound bite to come out?

In my mind Kerry blew it by saying "Global Test" and Bush responded to that perfectly.

Kerry through out lots and lots of acusations that I believe bloggers across the country will find many factual errors in but I don't think they are the whopper errors like Al Gore had.

d meyers

oops.... through--->threw

d meyers

I think Lehrer asked relatively tough questions to Bush but nothing tough to Kerry... Since the debate was about foregin policy how about a question to Kerry about his stances with regards to defense and foregin policy over the past 20 years as a Senator? How about a question if his vote was wrong in 1991 against the 1st Iraq War?

I know GW is the Pres so he will get pressed but how about a question or two on Kerry's time in the Senate?

d meyers

in the end, I think 90 minutes is too long. How about for Domestic policy debate have each side submit 3 general topics (taxes, budget, health care, social security, education, etc) and spend 10-12 minutes on each with plenty of back and forth.

here's what's left

too long? i don't think so. i do wish they had covered more different topics though. it was really 60-70% iraq, and i think there are other important things to talk about.

also, i have to say, i was disappointed that kerry didn't get the flip-flopper question.

and while you're right that kerry could have gotten questions about his voting record, bush could have gotten some tougher questions about things in the past that were untrue.

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