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August 20, 2004


d meyers

well, well, well. Funny how I missed your disection of the entire wild fantasy Kerry and his surrogate has told about
1. Being in Cambodia xmas Eve
2. Oops, not on xmas Eve but in Jan
3. Being in cambodia once in Jan
4. being in cambodia 3-4 times jan-mar
5. being in cambodia to drop off a CIA agent (he even has his hat, how cool)
6. being in cambodia to drop off navy seals, green berets
7. being in cambodia to run guns for the anti-communist forces

well if you take the approach in trying to say that I found some questions in the stories told by the SBVT so they are telling lies why not apply this same logic to Kerry when his xmas in Cambodia is proved to be a lie so everything he now says is a lie? Why the inconsistancy?

"According to a citation for Mr. Kerry's Bronze Star, a group of Swift boats was leaving the Bay Hap river when several mines detonated, disabling one boat and knocking a soldier named Jim Rassmann overboard. In a hail of enemy fire, Mr. Kerry turned the boat around to pull Mr. Rassmann from the water. "

Now that is quite misleading. A mine disabled a swift boat, not Kerry's. Kerry's boat did not receive any damage from the mine so Rassmann was not knocked overboard by the mine. So now the NYT story is misleading so following your logic the story is bogus.

here's what's left

what's your point? I'm not even sure that Rassman was on Kerry's boat. I know he fell out of a boat, and Kerry turned his boat around and rescued Rassman. I don't think anyone claims that Kerry's boat was damanged by a mine, especially since reports seem to indicate that it had bullet holes.

I'm glad you've stuck to your talking point. Kerry was off by 10 days about Cambodia! Therefore he shouldn't be president. Problem for you is that #2-7 aren't really different things. They can all be true at the same time.

At first it was 4 stories, then 5, now 7. Which is it? Or are you flip-flopping?

Anyway, I do hope you'll keep repeating that Kerry lied about Cambodia. Maybe if you do, people will believe it.

d meyers

my whole point was in response to the post that was claiming that a NYT article attempted to point to inconsistancies thus the SBVT should not be believed. I don't agree with that argument because for the poster to use it then he has to say the same thing about Kerry's inconsistancy about Cambodia therefore Kerry should not be believed.

Again, the about Rassmasan falling out was the same thing as above. The poster was using instances of inconsistancy to discredit everything so I pointed the inconsistancy in the NYT story thus the entire NYT story has to be discredited.

I have indicated all the different versions I have read about the Cambodia story and as I say that issue is the only issue that matters. It is not about being off by 10 days it is that so far the evidence points to all the different versions NEVER HAPPENED. And yes, that is important. For 3 decades Kerry has made a huge issue about the his magical mystery adventures into Cambodia and so far to me it looks like it is completely bogus.

I could care less about Kerry's medals and the situations around them because nobody is going to be able to come out the the true TRUTH. But making multiple runs into Cambodia can be proved and so far nobody, not even his band of brothers on his boat, has come forward to claim what Kurtz Kerry is saying is true regarding Cambodia.

d meyers

Kurtz Kerry campaign proves my point. I have claimed that all 527's are basicly the same, they are either pro or anti one of the candidates. No one group is any more or less valid/honorable than the other.

Pres. Bush has called for all 527's to stop the madness but the Kurtz Kerry campaign seems to think that "527's against Kerry are BAD and 527's against Bush are just fine and dandy" The arrogance is amazing, the news below is what I am talking about....

"But on Friday, a spokeswoman for the Kerry campaign backed away from the suggestion. She said what MoveOn.org is doing is perfectly fine, while what the Swift Boat Veterans are doing is "dishonest" and "dishonorable."
Debra Deshong of the Kerry campaign told Fox News there's a difference between MoveOn.org and Swift Boat Veterans for Truth: "MoveOn.org is an independent organization that existed well before the Kerry campaign," she said, whereas Swift Boat Veterans for Truth "is not an independent group."

Deshong invoked Friday's New York Times article as proof: "And in today's New York Times, it details exactly all the ties this group (Swift Boat Veterans for Truth) has to the Bush White House."

Deshong condemned Bush for not telling Swift Boat Veterans for Truth to stop running their ad.

"Again, we (the Kerry campaign) have nothing to do with these independent ads, like MoveOn.org. That is an independent organization that existed well before the Kerry campaign. They have every right to be running what they are under the campaign finance laws." According to Deshong, "This is about the Swift Boat Vets that are running dishonorable ads that Bush refuses to condemn."

Funny how a major, major, democrat donor ponied up $15 MILLION to MoveOn.org and they are "independent" but a republicans ponies up a few hundred thousand to the SBVT and they are somehow not independent and have ties to the Bush campaign. PUUUUULLLLEEEEAAAAAASSSSEEEEE.

$15 MILLION from a DEMOCRAT makes MoveOn.org makes them independent with no ties to the Kerry campaign but a republican from Texas gives a few hundred k and this makes SBVT not independent.

here's what's left

i don't care about the 527s personally, and if i had my druthers, they'd all be outlawed and all campaigns would be publically financed.

perhaps the difference between a liberal 527 and Swift Boat Whatevers for Nothing is the fact that the liberal ones don't go around lying.

the point of this whole thing is this: kerry has a story, most of which is backed up by records.

a group that didn't exist before it became clear that kerry was going to get the nomination suddenly comes along. it says that kerry is lying. when asked for evidence, they say "take our word for it."

now, i don't have a hard time being skeptical of a group that does that, especially when there's documentary evidence on the other side.

as for the cambodia thing, there doesn't seem to be evidence either way. i don't see any particular reason to mistrust kerry's story, especially since SBVT has been shown to be untrustworthy. and given the fact that the guy on his swift boat who says JK was 50 miles away could have said so in 1986. nor do i see what advantage kerry has in making up a story like that.

and i don't get this thing about the NYTimes. It seems to me that the only thing that they're guilty of is a poorly written sentence.


your comments on Corsi is so beneath you. And how again does what he said on free republic have any relevance to what is he saying now? Your logic is the same logic used during the OJ trial. Because Mark Furman used the N word in the past all the work he did in investigating the Simpson murder is bad thus we must acquit. His use of the N word had absolutely nothing to do with the evidence he collected just as what Corsi said in the past regarding a totally unrelated topic has no bearing on what he is saying now.


"there doesn't seem to be evidence either way" WHAT? Kerry and his camp has already issued many different stories. When someone changes their story so drasticly it is a sign they are not telling the truth. How would John Kerry do in front of a Jury once he has been shown that a story he has been telling for decades all of a sudden changes, do you think the Jury would believe him any more?

"i don't see any particular reason to mistrust kerry's story, especially since SBVT has been shown to be untrustworthy"

Well let's see here SBVT claims Kerry's cambodia story is bogus, one which Kerry has told for decades in dozens and dozens of places then Kerry changes his story. The SBVT Cambodia claim didn't change, Kerry's the one who changed after the charge was made and you don't see any reason to mistrust Kerry's story? GIVE ME A BREAK. HE CHANGED IT so why should anyone trust it.

why would SBVT form prior to Kerry running for Pres? He is harmless as a Senator so why bother. When he won the nomination they felt it was time because they do not believe he is fit to be Commander in Chief.

Oh, back to the point of saying Kerry is not claiming the Bush group broke the law and committed a crime... well your claim is now not operative

..."CNN is reporting Friday afternoon that the Kerry campaign will file a complaint with the FEC.

Wolf Blitzer reported that the campaign will allege that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth are illegally coordinating their efforts with the Bush-Cheney campaign. "


"The Kerry campaign alleged the Swift Boat group violated "the law with inaccurate ads that are illegally coordinated with the Bush-Cheney presidential campaign and Republican National Committee."

The Kerry campaign said there is "overwhelming evidence" that the group is coordinating its spending on advertising and other activities with the Bush campaign."

So what were you saying that Kurtz Kerry did not accuse the Bush camp of violating the law (which means committing a crime)????? Ooops, time to change your tune.

so Kerry, you claim there is "Overwhelming Evidence" WELL PUT UP AND SHOW US THE EVIDENCE OR SHUT THE HELL UP!!

here's what's left

i'd say filing a complaint with the FEC is a pretty clear sign that they think someone committed a crime. if they committed a crime, they should be punished.

we'll see. kerry didn't say anything about it yesterday, but this is clearly a change.

d meyers

The Kerry campaign of lawyers again show its true colors. When the heat is being turned up, CALL IN THE LAWYERS. Have the LAWYERS put pressure on a publisher to pull a book. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS, THE KERRY CAMPAIGN IS ATTEMPTING TO GET A BOOK PULLED. ARE WE IN THE SOVIET UNION OR SOMETHING???? In the last year alone there have been a ton of Anti-Bush books, many of them getting prime time promotion by CBS on 60 minutes, Tim Russert and all the other talking heads. Some of these books promoted by 60 minutes are shown to contain lots of bogus info. Does Bush CALL IN THE LAWYERS to storm the publisher with pitch forks and torches screaming, "BURN THE BOOKS"... Of course not, he just ignores the books and goes about his business.

1 little, itsy, bitsy book comes out that is critical of Kerry and many in the media go insane (James Carville, Paul Begaula on Cross Fire and especially Chris Matthews on Soft Ball... did you happen to catch his pathetic treatment of John O'Neil and Michelle Malkin). Kerry goes into hunker down and fight mode (meaning CALL IN THE LAWYERS AND FILE COMPLAINTS AND MEMOS REQUESTING THE BANNING OF A BOOK).....

... that gets me thinking, I now know and understand Kerry's defense policy. He said he would respond when attacked... I get it, he is going to parachute all Kerry's and Edwards's lawyer buddies into the mountains of Afghanistan and sue Bin Laden into submission... Bin Laden must have wet himself when he realized Kerry is going to sick the lawyers on him.....

sorry for that side track.... Anyway, Kerry definitely had a major Chernobyl moment on Friday. He files a complaint with the FEC accusing the Bush camp of illegal activity because, GOD FORBID, a REPUBLICAN from, OH MY GOD TEXAS OF ALL PLACES, actually dared to exercise his 1st ammendment right and gave a few hundred K of his own money to a politcal group, never mind that close to $30 million has been donated to anti Bush 527's by ONLY 2 DEMOCRAT DONORS. The Kerry campaign claims there is "overwhelming evidence" of illegal activity.... UUMMMM, 1 Question.... WHERE THE HELL IS THE EVIDENCE YOU FOOLS...

If 1 Chernobyl moment was not enough Kerry goes for the double, his camp calls on a book publisher to pull a book because it attacks Kerry with what they CLAIM are lies .... kind of like that CLAIM that KERRY went into Cambodia multiple times and that CLAIM that there is overwhelming evidence that the Bush camp broke the law.... Friday, August 20, 2004 the day the Kerry campaign officially melted down.. boy was it fun to watch..

... p.s. this just in from the Kerry campaign... "In an effort to save resources the Kerry campaign has decided to turn off all the heat in their campaign buildings. They are instead going to turn to Book Burning to warm their offices..." --- Washington Post, Aug 21, 2004

here's what's left

well, the difference between the books about bush and that of the swift boat liars for lies is that the latter contains lies.

the evidence for the cravenness of the bush campaign and their lying friends is mounting. it's about time that bush did some damage control and denounced the ads, like his friend and co-campaigner john mccain (who might know something about getting smeared) urged him to do. the longer he waits, the worse he'll look.

1st amendment?! but i thought the preznit opposed 527s? or did he flip-flop?


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