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August 20, 2004


d meyers

This story is too funny... What a nice flyer that is...

"A volunteer for John Kerry said Friday he picked up a flier in a Bush-Cheney campaign office in Gainesville, Fla., promoting Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a group the Bush campaign has insisted for weeks it has no connection to."

Cool, so now we have covert agents sneaking into opposing campaigs and causing trouble... One has to wonder when, if it is not already happening now, the Dem and Repubs are going to start a "Black Operations Unit" within the campaign whose purpose is to go undercover for years as a member of the opposing party, gain access to the party apparatus (sp?) then plant damning evidence...

Based on the commentary about the SBVT the Kerry volunteer should not be believed because he/she is a democrat, working for Kerry, and his/her claims are against a republican...

Anyway, who the heck cares a worker at a Bush/Cheney campaign office brought in a flier.. I wonder if Bush/Cheney workers are barred by the FEC from even purchasing the Unfit for Command book because they would then be indirectly "coordinating" with the SBVT by giving donations via book purchases... All 527 groups are a joke and Senator's McCain and Feingold are also a joke for pushing this legislation. I will also say that Pres. Bush blew it big time for signing such a ridiculous piece of legislation and he should be ashamed of himself

here's what's left

the reason one might care, of course, is that coordination between a 527 and a campaign is illegal.

for the record, i don't think the volunteer from the kerry campaign did anything underhanded or even vaguely so. apparently, he walked in and asked for some information. and that's what they gave him.

d meyers

for the record I agree with you I don't believe the Kerry volunteer did anything underhanded but as we know politics is the big time so how long will it be until "black ops" start occuring in the campaigns?

Again, I disdain the silly McCain Feingold law because just what does "coordination" mean? Does it mean a campaign staffer bringing in a handful of fliers that he/she came across and putting them on a table? What if a staffer bought 20 SBVT books to give out to other volunteers who make 75 phone bank calls, is that coordination??? Somehow I don't think so...

As I posted before, a former director of MoveOn.org no is a prominant Kerry staffer. How the heck is anyone going to prove if this person is coordinating activites between Kerry and MoveOn.org? There IS NOW WAY TO PROVE IT. So the Kerry staffer, former MoveOn.org director, has lunch with a current MoveOn.org director, are we to expect they won't talk shop? Of course they will, is that coordination??


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