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June 14, 2005



He's not that honest, and he hangs out with racists.


Squeaky Clean Campaign Question:

Your opposition to a Martin Luther King Jr. holiday in Arizona was what, exactly?


Honest by republican standards, i.e., didn't lie about John Kerry. Doesn't buy the propoganda about the insurgency being defeated by dinner tomorrow. Look, I don't like him either, I'm just saying...

Didn't know the thing about the MLK holiday.

the exile

Colin Powell is going to win the Republican nomination, assuming he chooses to run. You gasp? You laugh? The only way it happens, of course, is by means of a catastrophic implosion of Bushco and the fundies, as well as so much REALLY desperately bad news from Iraq that it finally sinks in that the war is perhaps lost. But is that prospect particularly farfetched? I don't think so. The worse the crisis is, the more the Republican base will pine for a savior, and somehow I just don't think McCain is going to be that man. Powell may even win back many of the suburban independents that can't stomach Bush but are too muddled by the propaganda to realize that the Democrats share their interests and values. Thune maybe as VP. No qualifications, of course, but tall and good looking.

How do I feel about this? mixed, because I long ago lost all respect for Powell, yet maybe he could be the one-term President who would get us out of a lost war and take the heat for doing so.

Jonathan Dresner

McCain-JebBush would violate the Republicans' (i.e. Bushes) pattern of ideological loyalty over capability or balance. No, if a Bush runs, the VP will be a very loyal underling, and http://hnn.us/articles/1803.html>that kind of ticket usually wins.


Colin Powell has about as much chance of winning the Republican nomination for president in 2008 as I do. The Bushoviki all hate him for pointing out in public that their emperor has no clothes. Their extremist base will never vote for a black man. And when it comes to the general election, most moderate voters (and virtually all liberals) aren't going to support an Uncle Tom who didn't have what Governor Blagojevich recently called the "testicular virility" to resign when it became obvious that his boss was hanging him out to dry at every possible opportunity.

Powell literally has no base of support.


I seriously doubt that the GOP would nominate a token black for president. I also seriously doubt that the GOP will nominate a conservative. The ticket will be another evangelical dufus in slot #1 and another shark in slot #2, unless they can find a marketable neocon shark for slot #1, leaving Dan Quayle to fill slot #2.

I am basically expecting Cheney to run for pres in 2008. If a senile fossil like Reagan is good enough to lead the country, why not a cardiac basket case like Cheney? They could always remove his heart and give him a Jarvik. Spiritually, the change would be transparent. Hell, they could even give him a black helmet to pant through too.

Anybody know which prominent GOP neocon has a white-bread Ozzie and Harriet family, a private dynastic fortune, a pretty face, a glib tongue and deep connections to both the military-industrial complex and the Christian militants? That will be the candidate. Bank on it.


I think we'll have quite the fight to win if McCain were to get the 2008 GOP nomination, but fortunately, I don't see that happening.

You nailed it at the end when you called McCain a conservative, but the thing is, the GOP is no longer a party of conservatives. The party has gone so far to the extremist neo-con and religous right that McCain doesn't stand a chance of getting through the primaries.

I'm still hoping that they run Condi Rice (regardless of hat she says at the moment). Getting the neo-con base to vote for a black woman will be about as easy as winning the "war of terra" and would more or less assure us victory.

Joyful Alternative

Honest? Squeaky clean? Keating Five.

Quinn Jenkins

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