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May 27, 2005



I completely agree.

Loose use of terms like "Nazi" and "Marxist Socialist" debases the level of political discourse, adds to social incivility, and does nothing to clarify thought or reach conclusions.

But even worse, it tends to make totalitarian thought respectable. If I say Kerry is a Marxist-Leninist, when clearly he is not according to any sensible definition of the word, all I do is indicate to people who do not know the definition but like Kerry that Marxist-Leninism must have a lot going for it.


I'm more on Chait's side than yours, Michael. I'm a modern European historian who specializes in the Nazi period: believe me when I tell you, there are parallels between Germany of the '30s and the U.S. under Bush.

Moreover, Yglesias was wrong. Paris was bombed by the Allies in 1942 (RAF) and 1943 (USAAF).

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