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May 31, 2005



Apparently he actually said "disassemble." At least that's the story that's going 'round the blogs today.


and we wonder why they're cutting education...see? you don't have to know all them big words, just take a good ol' swipe at 'em and s'good enough...


Yes he said 'disassemble', I listened to it on NPR. Still shuddering. What's up with reporters in this country? I thought Gannon was the king of softball questions, but that was friggin' ridiculous! No followup questions? No pointing out that maybe his assessment might be just a tad off? He flat out lied and no one has balls enough to call him on it. Hello?!?!?


If memory serves, he doesn't allow follow-ups. I could be wrong, though.

Ed Drone

"remedial presidenting lessons."

Actually, that would be "presidentialing lessons," 'cause he doesn't want to be 'president' as much as 'presidential.' I mean, 'being president' means having the responsibility, but being 'presidential' means acting like you're responsible till the bill comes, then ducking for cover.

And that's our George!


the exile

The outrage is not "disassemble" for "dissemble." The outrage is that he arrogantly went on to tell the press what the word means, as if they were idiots (which they are, but not precisely in that way). I actually think Bush did something Freudian here (an aside-- amazing that Freud didn't make the Human Events list): of course Bush's entire life is a lie-- his accent, his persona, his covered-up arrests, his drug use, his war record, his presidency, his war, his social security plan.... so it is hardly surprising that he stumbles on a word that sums up his very essence.


You got it, the exile. The funny/sad/outrageous part was not Bush's mispronunciation, but his attempted CYA. I can only imagine the press corps hearing him say, "disassemble," looking puzzled, so he attempts to make himself understood. "Why are they furrowing their brows like that," the president must've thought. "Oh, they don't know what the word 'disassemble' means. I'd better explain it."

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