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May 20, 2005



I have always believed in calling a Nazi a Nazi, and when a so-called conservative starts talking about gassing gays and interning liberals it is time to start calling names.

the exile

I'm with Cheryl only halfway. I agree with Michael that top Democratic figures discredit themselves when they talk about Hitler. Not because they are wrong, but because the MSM and the American people are not ready to accept that they are right. But if we acted the way Republicans do, we would repeat the Hitler meme incessantly on the outer fringes of our noise machine. Little by little the voices on the outer fringes would move inward to the semi outer fringes, and then to the inner fringes, and then to the center, and maybe by that time the repetition would have happened enough that people would be ready to hear it. But with Cheryl, I certainly agree that there is now enough evidence out there that the Hitler meme requires no fabrication on our part, not even exaggeration. Think about it:

irrational cult of leader's personality? check
contempt for democratic process? check
aggressive militaristic nationalism? check
ruling party as a "moral crusade"? check
belief in Party's infallibility? check
deliberate lies to achieve ends? check
demonized external enemies? check
demonized internal enemies? check
all disagreement branded as treason? check
intimidation of free speech and thought? check
orwellian language control? check
torture? check
gas chambers? no
militants who wish they had gas chambers? check

Pretty damn close if you ask me.

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