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April 06, 2005



Will you send them another e-mail asking for a retraction in line with their stated policy of retracting falsehoods they are alerted to?


saying "Today the Big Trunk says" kind of sounds like the beginning of a dirty joke.

Not to mention the fun one could have with "Hindrocket", and "deacon" just sounds pompous.


We'd like to ask some more questions of the photographer, of course, but that's impossible since the AP won't identify him because of "safety concerns." Really? Who would endanger his safety? The terrorists? They could have shot him on Sunday if they were unhappy about having their picture taken.

I found this part particularly disingenuous. The author accuses the photographer of being complicit in a terrorist murder, and then has the gall to wonder who might wish them harm. Surely he can't be that naive.

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