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April 06, 2005



I being a Roman Catholic, and conservative independent voter, don't get why there has to be any politic-ing going on with regard to the Pope at all. He was a holy man who lived what he preached, and he just wanted everyone else in the world to do the same thing. I don't care who from our country is going to the Pope's funeral. Personally, I think it would be really really cool if all Catholics could go, but the Vatican City couldn't handle all 1.2 billion of us, and if even just the regular Church going Catholics went, still, it couldn't hold us all.

With regard to human social conditions in the world, Pope John Paul II (JPII) was a great model for everyone to witness. Too bad many politicians, on both sides don't try to live up to his ideals.

JPII will be missed.


Carter of ALL PAST PRESIDENTS should have gone. Dig Bill Clinton schmoozing around with the Bushes...wot a turd.


Well, religiously speaking, Carter's the only one of the surviving Presidents who walks the walk. Bush the Elder and Ford both had the good sense not to wear their religion on their sleeves, and Clinton, well, he's not near the sinner that the present asshat is. But Carter is genuinely a good man--not the greatest President, although economic forces beyond his control conspired against him to a certain extent--but he is a good man who has done extraordinary work with his post-presidency, unlike some others in the above list (cough--Poppy--cough).


Economic forces did not conspire against Carter. He went up against corporate power and got mowed down in the process.


You say eee-ther, I say eye-ther. Corporate power largely controls economic forces, after all. Government's power is negligible in that arena, except in places with a strong state regulatory presence, and even then it's limited.

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