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April 07, 2005



Don't forget "I did not have sex with that woman." That above all else will be the one that lives forever. Sex sells.


I won't defend Martinez because he did one of 2 things

1. He was given papers from his staff claiming to be supporting documents regarding the Schiavo case. He was working with Harkin and gave these documents to Harkin (and as he claims) without carefully looking at the documents

---> pretty stupid for a Senator to give someone documents without knowing what they are


2. He was aware of the document a staff member of his put together. A document that was pretty lame, and he knowingly gave it to Harkin

---> pretty stupid for a Senator to give an opposing Senator a lame document

Either way, Martinez was pretty stupid.

What gets me is supposedly this staff member was his chief legal counsel. If that is true this staff member is a total idiot for putting together such a lame document then claiming, "Oops, I didn't know I printed it and mistakenly gave it to my boss".

Anyway, with legal counsel like that who needs enemies. Rightly this idiot was fired.

So now that we seem to know the chain of events, how does the original ABC/Washington Post story hold up??? PRETT BAD. Let's review what these honorable news giants reported

- GOP talking points memo distributed by party leaders WRONG

- GOP talking points memo distributed to Republican Senators WRONG

So the real story turns out to be

"Republican staffer creates memo, his boss gives it to Liberal Senator, who then leaks it to the media."

My advice to Martinez. Don't ever give anything to Harkin because if you screw up Harkin will go straight to the media, instead of picking up the phone and saying, Hey Mel, I think you gave me something you did not intend to.

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