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February 21, 2005



They can't apologize, nor can they admit that they got it wrong--it doesn't fit within their "strong father" frame. Or to steal a phrase--better to be strong and wrong than weak and correct.

Of course, it's better still to be strong and correct.

I don't know how you do it--I get ill when I try to go to that website.


I noticed that powerline has no discussion, only proclamations. Apparently they are afraid to open their arguments up to question.

So why bother with them at all?

here's what's left

i think that's a fair question, cheryl.

for me it's really two-fold. first it's personal. it really bothers me to see such an obviously good public figure attacked.

second, people seem to be talking about it. and any little thing i can do to chip away at their credibility i consider a good thing. who knows, maybe a few wingnuts here and there will realize that they've been wrong all this time. i mean, i'm not holding my breath, but ya know...

Western Infidels

"Armand Hammer?" What an unfortunate name.

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